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Has Mickie James ever done porn?

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Yes, she has done nude gallery pictures. Kinda sucks to say that because I really like her as a wrestler. :(

But it is commonly misconcepted that Mickie James participated in a sex video. But it is untrue. Many people would mistake the woman in the video as Mickie when she smiles, many people recognize her as Vivian Valentine.

yes she did and i really like to see that she knows what means nude not like Kelly Kelly or Melina...
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What is Mickie James' phone number?

The personal phone and cell numbers of celebrities and athletes are not disclosed for security reasons. WikiAnswers does not disclose personal information about persons famous

Did Trish ever like mickie James?

no she liked Ashley massoro It was all a storyline! I think it is awesome that Trish even let Mickie kiss her, there are some images that I will never EVER forget, again!

Was Jeff Hardy and Mickie James ever married?

No, I don't think they were ever married, but they might have been engaged at some point. There are many rumors that they were a couple and engaged at some time.