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Has any President of the US ever committed suicide?

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Is it illegal to commit suicide in the us?

No, suicide has not been a crime in any US State in approximately 20 years. Those states where it was a crime then were exceedingly rare (only 2 of 50). Most had de-criminaliz

What pills can you use to commit suicide?

Please do not try and kill yourself. You must be felling very bad to be thinking about it and while you may think things are terrible for you, if you were to succeed in killin

Have any US presidents ever committed homicide?

Not in a strictly legal sense.   Many years prior to his election, Andrew Jackson shot and killed a man in a duel, but that was not considered homicide or murder at that ti

Is it illegal to commit suicide in us?

Suicide has historically been treated as a criminal matter in many parts of the world. Although a person who has successfully committed suicide might be thought to be beyond t

Which us president committed suicide?

There were rumors that Warren G. Harding may have taken his own life in the wake- or spillage- of the Tea Pot Dome scandal involving at base- an oil refinery. ( some things ne

Has a pope ever committed suicide?

It would be double-devil bad business if the Head of the Church sinned against the Holy Spirit in such as gross fashion. Popes ( owing in part to the age factor) have died fai

Can you commit suicide by using insulin?

Yes, and its not a very nice way to go as outlined here; The primary repercussion of an insulin overdose is hypoglycemia (abnormally low blood sugar usually resulting from e

Has any congressman ever committed suicide?

The following US Representatives and Senators committed suicide  while in office: SC Rep. James Blair (1834), PA Rep. William S.  Ramsey (1840), AL Rep. Felix Grundy McConne

Did any US President commit suicide?

No........... One of the rumors floating around after Warren Harding's death was that he committed suicide to avoid impeachment and disgrace. However, it is more likely that h