Has anyone ever been killed playing football?

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Yes According to The National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury, 325 men and boys have died either directly or indirectly from playing football at the high school and college level between 1982-2008 (26 years). Direct injuries are defined as those fatalities which resulted directly from participation in the fundamental skills of football (such as tackling and blocking). Indirect injuries are those injuries that are caused by systemic failure as a result of exertion while participating in football activity or by a complication which was secondary to a nonfatal injury (such as heart failure and heat stroke). Professional Football 24 Oct 1971: Churck Hugues, wide receiver with the Detroit Lions, died of a heart attack during a game with the Chicago Bears in Tiger Stadium. His teammates were informed of his death before leaving the stadium. 22 Jul 1979: James Victor Cain, tight end with the St. Louis Cardinals, died of congenital heart failure during training camp. 01 Aug 2001: Korey Stringer, offensive lineman with the Minnesota Vikings, died of heatstroke during the second day of practice with full pads. His core temperature reached 108 degrees. He died within 24 hours of being removed from the field.
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Has anyone ever been killed playing soccer?

apart from vehicular accidents ( plane, bus crashes) I am not aware of any. There have been soccer riots that have started fires, etc. These have had fatal results. there was one in supposedly civilized England a few years ago.

Has anyone ever been killed playing rugby?

Sadly, Yes. The game has had some very serious events that have resulted in loss of life. Its rare, buts its happened. There has been a recent death following a rugby injury where a student in the UK broke his neck and developed complications later. However, the IRB and NRL are trying hard keep the (MORE)

Has anyone ever been killed playing hockey?

Bill Masterton, a center for the Minnesota North Stars, is the only player to die as a direct result of injuries suffered in a hockey game. He took a check and fell backwards, striking the back of his head on the ice. He lost his life two days later.

Has any one ever been killed playing baseball?

Yes. a shortstop named Raymond Chapman was on the wrong end of Pitcher Carl Mays ( no relation to Willy) Submarine ball and died after some attempted surgery. there have been other fatal casualties on the diamond- just recently a l6 year old kid succumbed to being hit directly in the chest area- and (MORE)

Did Hitler ever kill anyone?

In fact, Hitler never killed anyone by himself. Though he was the one who instructed to kill the jews, gays, gipsy's etc.

Did football ever kill anyone?

American football can be a violent and dangerous sport. In fact,many participants have died either training and practicing to playor from injuries suffered while actually playing.

Has anyone ever been to Venus?

No. Only unmanned spacecraft have been to Venus. The farthest man has travelled is to the Moon. The closest that Venus ever gets to the earth is about 115 times farther than that. In the early 20th century, it was thought that Venus was like Earth but with more water. There are many early science f (MORE)

Has anyone ever been killed playing baseball?

In MLB, there have been two players that died as a result of injuries suffered on the field. First was Doc Powers who died of internal injuries suffered by crashing into the outfield wall at Shibe Park (former home of the Philadelphia Athletics). The second was Cleveland Indians shortstop Ray Chapm (MORE)

Has anyone ever been on Mars?

No. Nobody has ever been to Mars. Humans have only been to Earth and the Moon. Technically but in 2012 NASA is hoping to put up a site to research on mars.

Has anyone ever been to Pluto?

The human race has only gotten as far as the moon. We haven't visited any other planets; including Pluto. This is due to the sheer distance between Earth and other planets. Space travel requires large expenditures to plan and build spacecraft and any missions would take months or years using current (MORE)

Has anyone ever been to Jupiter?

no only the moon no one have been on Jupiter because it a big ball of gas held together by gravity Zero. No human has ever been to any other surface off Earth, besides the moon. Jupiter is a gas giant. It's the largest planet in our solar system. It is made up mostly of hydrogen and helium. It's a (MORE)

Did game ever kill anyone?

he was in a convinent store and a member of an opposing gang came in the store, a conflict started which ended up with game stabbing the other gang member.

Has anyone ever been to Saturn?

No person has. A few space probes have been to and past the planet such as the Voyager programs. Man has not been farther into space than orbiting the far side of the moon..

Has weed ever killed anyone?

No, marijuana or its effects have ever killed anyone or atleast no documented cases of such has been heard of.

Have horses ever killed anyone?

Yes, horses have killed many people. But don't get me wrong, they are kind sweet animals. added by Beckles123:- my freinds Mum died when she fell of a horse cos she fell of aquadley and broke her neck

Has anyone ever been on Jupiter?

No. It would take a few years to get there. Also, it is not a solid planet like Earth, but it is made completely of gases, so you could not stand on it..

Did Frankenstein ever kill anyone?

Victor Frankenstein never directly killed anyone, but his creation killed Justine Moritz, William Frankenstein, Henry Clerval, and Elizabeth Lavenze.

Has anyone ever been on saturn?

No, only unmanned probes have been. It is a gas planet and if you got to the solid part of it the pressure would crush you and its gases are not in the human range of breathing. Its rings are made out of rock and dust and ice. You would have to get past them and it has many moons as well.

Has anyone ever been killed by eating a corndog?

well I don't think anyone really dies from eating a corn dog, but i do think that you only can get food poisoning from a bad under cooked corn dog. so what you should do I eat it, its really good. .

Did a ghost ever kill anyone?

As far as i know, ghosts can only scared a human being, but cannot directly kill them. In some horror movies, some of the ghosts look extremely frightening , which made its victim lost his/her consciousness, lead to death ( heart attack for example) or fainting, but that's only a horror element of t (MORE)

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not in the games or show but there is one where sonic kills peoplebut that's in the creepypasta. it's called sonic exe. sonic killstails, knuckles, and robotnick.

Has a fly ever killed anyone?

Actually, they are in the same order as the Anopheles, the musquito that can transfer malaria, which can be deadly.

Has China ever killed anyone?

Chinese people have killed and been killed. China (earthenware) has been used to kill someone. China (the country) has not killed anyone.

Has anyone ever been killed by an elevator?

Yes, elevator accidents are rare but do occur, fatalities exist. This does not extend to suicides jumping down elevator shafts, as has happened in Jersey City public Housing.

Has Bigfoot ever killed anyone?

the first legitimate recording of Bigfoot was made by president Theodore Roosevelt he was on a hunting trip with his hunting buddies when he saw a large upright beast with a foul odor that attacked and killed several of his fellow hunters he wrote it in his journal and he is considered a truthful ma (MORE)

Did paul ever kill anyone?

Yes Paul when he was Saul set out to kill early Jews. This changed on the road to Damascus and saul became paul.

Has anyone ever been killed or injured by a glowplug?

Indirectly it could happen, as these devices are used as ignitors in Diesel Engines rather than the more common spark plugs. Both were invented by Robert Bosch. the Glow Plug could be, while being tested, come into contact with flammable substances and ignite them. actual cause of death would be fir (MORE)

Has anyone ever been killed working at nasa?

Yes. The most spectacular were the 3 astronauts that burned up in theircapsule, and the 2 shuttle crashes. But lets not forget the simplecar crashes, plane crashes, and simple falls.