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  • 1910: French racerAdolphe Helière drowned at the French Riviera during a rest day.
  • 1935: Spanish racer Francisco Cepeda plunged down a ravine on the Col du Galibier.
  • 1967: 13 July, Stage 13: Tom Simpson died of heart failure during the ascent of Mont Ventoux. Amphetamines were found in Simpson's jersey and blood.
  • 1995: 18 July, Stage 15: Fabio Casartelli crashed at 88 km/h (55 mph) while descending the Col de Portet d'Aspet.

Another six fatal accidents have occurred:
  • 1957: 14 July: Motorcycle rider Rene Wagter and passenger Alex Virot, a journalist for Radio-Luxembourg, went off a mountain road near Ax-les-Thermes.
  • 1958: An official, Constant Wouters, died after an accident with sprinter André Darrigade at the Parc des Princes.[128]
  • 1964: Twenty people died when a supply van hit a bridge in the Dordogne region, resulting in the highest tour-related death toll.[129]
  • 2000: A 12-year-old from Ginasservis, known as Phillippe, was hit by a car in the Tour de France publicity caravan.[130]
  • 2002: A seven-year-old boy, Melvin Pompele, died near Retjons after running in front of the caravan.[130]
  • 2009: 18 July, Stage 14: A spectator in her 60s was struck and killed by a police motorcycle while crossing a road along the route near Wittelsheim.[129]

    Also a motorcyclist entertaining the crowd prior to the peloton's arrival in 1934.

So, total riders while racing: 3. Total riders in the Tour: 4. Total including spectators: 31.
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