Has anyone gone from a mistress to a new wife and still felt the relationship was true love?

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Well, it's a very specific situation, but generally speaking, a man/woman who cheated on their partner or use to do that regularly CAN change their ways after meeting their true love. I have a friend who used to cheat on her boyfriends regularly (kind of shocked me when she told me about it) but after she met the man who is now her husband, she changed. Funnily enough, her husband was even worse than her, and now he's madly in love and a model dad for their two kids:)

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Has anyone gone from a mistress to a new wife and still feels the relationship was true love?

I don't know how to approach this one because I am not the mistress, but I have some idea of what might be if the married man divorce his wife and marry the mistress. If the m

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Answer . Perhaps it all stems from a previous relationship when she felt she was cheated on emotionally and is having a hard time letting go. Her insecurity can go away wit

Has anyone successfully gone from being a mistress to being a true wife?

Answer . I did, I was my husband's mistress for 6 years, not for financial reasons or anything like that but because I truly loved him, he never gave his wife a reason to

Has anyone gone from a mistress to a new wife and still feels the relationship was true?

I wasn't the mistress that become his wife, but I have seen a few who were the mistress that married their married lover. One thing for sure the relationship wasn't the same.

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Sure. It is possible to 'love' more then one person. I have been down that same road before. But if you really 'LOVE' your wife then you should dump the mistress before you ge

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Married men who cheat on their wives only love themselves. They may say they love the mistress but in true reality they don't,its just sexual release for them. As for the wife

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he doesn't want to choose. he cares for you both In my experience, he doesn't want to chose, because he's got a good thing going. It's got nothing to do with how much he care

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mistress can be a big ruiner to good relationships. ANSWER: Yes a mistress is part of a broken family between man and his wife. Unfortunately it's not all the mistress ( s

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what do you do if your husband doesn't love you, but loves his mistress ANSWER: That's how the picture is being shown here. We all can't control someone who they can fall

Does husband still love mistress even tho mistress called off 5 year affair and called his wife?

There's a lot of scenario that you need to look at. If your husband wasn't the one that broke the relationship with his mistress, then his feelings for her will hunt him for a

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He's lying like a slippery throw rug on a freshly waxed floor. He still has a roving eye, and it's probably only a matter of time before he's off and running again. Find a div

Has anyone gone from mistress?

ANSWER: From a mistress to a wife? not sure really. I don't know no one from my friends who used to be a mistress and become his wife. But I know there are some who did but