Has anyone had an infant with thrush just apparent on his tongue and was it difficult to get rid of?

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my son had it 2 months ago when he was 5months old and i just went to the chemist and braught over the counter DAKTARIN cleared it up straight away it was quarter or the teaspoon provided twice a day. it was cleared within 3 days.If your baby is under 4 months i dont think u can use daktarin but there is another one called NILSTAT drops they only seem to work if u get it straight away when symptoms first appear. Answer There is an oral med the doctors can give you and if you are nursing they should be able to give you cream to put on your nipples so when he nurses it will not be transmitted back and forth. Sorry I can't give specifics, its been so long since my experience. Answer When my infant had thrush 7 1/2 years ago the Dr. prescribed Nystatin to take orally by mouth. My child always forced most of it out. I started taking a clean dry washcloth and rubbed his tongue a little and then had him drink water. I found it does clear up on it's own but if it spreads throughout the mouth it takes longer. My youngest who will be 2 never got it. Go figure. Answer the best, most effective and safe cure is to buy some good quality plain whole milk yogurt put a little on the babys tongue, be careful for milk allergies. put a little on your nipples and eat as much as you can . the cultures in the yogurt will kill the yeast in the thrush. Answer If your child has thrush the doctor will most likely prescribe Nystatin which is a liquid that is given orally you have to put the medication on the affected areas although the baby may make this very diffucult try your best also make sure that you sterilize the nipples on the bottles if your using them and pacifiers daily ( it would help to have more than one that way they are more sterile) and the thrush should clear up also after the baby is done eating take a wet washcloth and clean the inside of the mouth making sure to get the tongue and inside of the cheeks very well hope this helps you out...Good Luck and God Bless!!! Also as far as the answer above mine it is not recommended to give infants yogurt because they may have some type of allergic reaction to it also there litle bodies aren't ready for that yet...and I have never heard of yogurt CURING a yeast infection which is what thrush is so just go to the doctor and use what is prescribed!!! Answer When my daughter had it I was prescribed nystatin. I started first by wiping her mouth out with a wet washcloth, then as my dr. told me applied it with a Q-tip on her tongue and cheeks. After that it cleared up fast.
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