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Has anyone had personal experience with the Ecosmarte non-chlorine swimming pool system?

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I have and I love it. Chlorine dries out my skin more than it does most people so I couldn't go with a salt system because the salt is just in the water so that it can generate chlorine. The chemical free water is silky and feels really good. We call my pool the fountain of youth now.
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Is swimming pool chlorine bad for you?

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What are functions of chlorine in a swimming pool?

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What is the best salt chlorinator system for swimming pools?

Magnablu This is in my opinion the best salt water chlorinator available I have seen one operating for over a year now and have never seen the pool as clean and trouble free.

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What are the pros and cons of an ecosmart pool system?

Pros: No chlorine = no chlorine smell, no fading of bathing suits, no green hair (for blondes), no raw eyes (from opening underwater), skin doesn't feel gross after swimming (