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Has it ever snowed in Miami Florida?

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There has been no snow accumulation in recorded history, but it did have flurries on 19 January 1977.
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Has it ever snowed in Florida?

Various responses from Florida contributors: It snowed December 23, 2009. There are occasional flurries if the winter is unusually cold. It snows every few years in Jacksonv

Has Miami ever had snow?

AOMWIWS: Area of Miami Where it was Snowing TDS: Temperature During Snowfall 3 times, January 20, 1977; light dusting on cars, bridges, etc. TDS: 37°F, AOMWIWS:all Dade Count

Does it ever snow in Florida?

Very rarely.    Another answerit might someday but dont expect it this winter On January 9, 2010 i woke up and there was snow on my car! So yes it can snow but it only ha

Will it ever snow again in Florida?

Yes, there is a possibility, but it is very rare. In Florida, snow usually only lasts for a very short time (normally about 30 minutes) and it doesn't even look like anything