Have a Toshiba 57 inch projection tv can' t get the ANT input or the RCA video input ports to work properly All you get is a scrambled image The s-video and component video works great Any ideas?

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First thing I'd do is have the TV do a channel search, making sure I had the antenna plugged into the correct antenna input on the back of the set. Just sounds like it's lost its programming, maybe due to a power failure. As for the RCA input jacks, try to select the proper input via the remote control. Otherwise I'd think you have some video input card problams.
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How does a digital video recorder work with cable or satellite TV?

DVRs are compatible with most any cable, satellite or antenna setup. Your exact setup instructions will vary according to the type of DVR you purchase. You'll need to review your owner's manual for more information, but here are some tips: . Depending on your current home entertainment arrangement, (MORE)

What is video input of betacam uvw 1800?

The Betacam UVW 1800 is a broadcast standard video editing deck. There are several inputs:. Composite on a BNC, S-Video on a 4 pin mini-din, component on a Sony 12 pin connector and component on 3 BNCs. Outputs are similar. This deck pre-dates the DigiBeta equipment and therefore there is no SDI in (MORE)

Does S-video work with digital TVs?

Most digital TVs will have both composite and S-video inputs. Check with the manual or look for an S-video connector on the rear of the television to find out.

You want to know whether normal RCA auido video cable can work for component input form your DVD to lcd tv?

If both have component inputs/outputs of the same type, i.e., RCA connectors consisting of yellow (video) audio (red, right / white left) then it'll work. Can't guarantee the video quality though. It may have color smearing or video smearing and possibly ghosting of the image. For short runs (3 feet (MORE)

What is work input?

Work input is exactly what it sounds like it would be. Work inputis the work that you put into something in order to accomplish thetask at hand.

Video card input or output device?

A video card is part of the output chain but is not an output device on it's own. The monitor is usually the device that is considered an "output device".

What is a video input device?

It is a device or component that reads a video recording, like a DVD/VHS player, and sends the information to a display device like a TV. A video input device can also be a camera that records video and sends the information to a storage device and can also display the captured images on a TV.

Why does the picture on a TV DVD combo fade to black and white on the DVD input but stay colour on a other video inputs?

If, when you say "TV/DVD combo", you mean the DVD player is built into the TV, then I'm afraid I can't help you. But, if when you say "DVD input" you mean a separate cable going into the TV then I might be able to help. If you are using an "S-Video" cable make sure that both ends are plugged in all (MORE)

How can you connect a gamecube to a TV with component YPbPr and video and audio RL inputs - and will it lag?

Nintendo released a component (YPbPr) cable when the GameCube launched, but quickly stopped supporting it. Newer consoles don't have the "Digital A/V Out" port at all. If you have one of the original models with that port, you can try to track down the component video cable, although they tend to be (MORE)

Can a Component RCA Video cable be used for audio for connections?

The answer is YES & NO ! 1. Simply because there are 2 popular modes of the Component systems Progressive vs. interlaced component video 2. One will work and the other will create a distortion/interference since the signal is strong and that is why a 75 ohms coaxial is used. 3. we had several inc (MORE)

What is video input?

Video input is the motion pictures that are entered into the computer. For video input, video camera or any other video device is connected to a video capture card. the video captured card converts the analog video signals into digital signals that a computer can store and process.

What is a video input?

A video input is a port that receives a video signal from a device.You can use the port to receive a signal from a cable box, DVDPlayer, or a streaming device.

How do you input video game cheats?

It depends on video game. Spore, Sims 3 you only hold ctrl alt and shift for example. Other games you only say something in the chat log.

How do you get to the AV in input on your computer I already plugged my Xbox 360 into the RCA slots on the video card on my computer and i need to know how to get it to display my 360?

To do that you will need a tv tuner card, most computers do not have those unless you installed it yourself. If you are sure you have one, most cards require software that will be runned on the computer to show the input of the card. For information on how to download/ run this software consult the (MORE)

How can I connect a laptop without s-video port to tv?

There is a device called a "scan converter" which can be used to convert various video signals from one type to another. Some scan converters can be used to convert a VGA (also called D-SUB) or DVI connection (whichever is appropriate for your laptop) to a S-video or component signal to input into y (MORE)

What are composite video inputs on HDTV?

Composite Video connections are unable to transmit a HD signal. They are on HDTV's for the purpose of connecting older sources, think VCR, that do not have the newer connections like HDMI or component cables.

How do you play video games on your tv if you cant use input?

A TV without an input is a box that shows static. If you mean only an arial input, then you'll need a new TV. If you mean because the input is currently in use by another appliance then you can either unplug the other input or use a splitter. Radio Shack sells a small box called a RF MODULATOR that (MORE)

What is HD Component Video Inputs?

HD television signals are always in a component format. There are three signals that between them carry brightness and color information. Almost all domestic equipment uses an HDMI interface to carry the signal in a digital format now but there is also an analog HD component standard. The analog com (MORE)

Why wont your s video cable work between your projector and tv?

Your TV is unlikely to have a S-Video output to go to the projector. What most TV's had was a S-Video input, to come from a Super VHS VCR or older generation gaming console. If indeed the TV has a S-Video OUTPUT, and the projector is set to the correct input (usually this has to be changed in the i (MORE)

What is video and audio input?

Video is picture and audio is the sound. Home theater receivers have RCA composite or component, S-Video or HDMI for the video input, and RCA analog, Toslink (optical) or coaxial inputs for digital audio.

What is an input device used for capturing still images as well as videos into the computer?

Well, he most basic one is a webcam, like the ones used for skype or any other internet messenger. With proper software you can use it to capture still images or videos. You can also use some digital camcorders which with proper drivers and software can act as webcams. Alternatively u could get a tv (MORE)

What is an auxiliary video input jack?

For cars with a video screen for DVDs etc there may be an input jack to add an alternative video signal to the screen. Likely this will be RCA ports (yellow and two audio ports coloured white=left and red=right).

Where do they sell s-videos to Rca?

There is no cable that does this. The S-Video cable has the Chroma (colour) and Luma (brightness) signals split on two different contacts. Regular RCA connectors for composite video have only one contact plus a round. You will need a video converter box or some other electronic way to convert the si (MORE)

How do you switch video inputs on a ILO DTV2794 TV without a remote?

It's not possible to access the input selection area without a physical remote as the setting is not available from within the MENU setup. There was no love with the dtv remote, even though it would do all the other controls. I bought an rca universal remote for $6.93 at Lowes. Model #: RCU7 (MORE)

Where are the composite video inputs on Samsung smart tv. It is on the wall and I can't see behind it?

Samsung produce a wide range of models. Other than saying that all connectors are in the same general area behind a television, it is impossible to offer a definitive answer. There are some things you might try before you remove the television from a wall mount: Look up the manual that came with t (MORE)

What is the most commonly used video input?

There are several video inputs available like composite, S-video, component RGB, Firewire, HDMI and SCART. The most commonly used video input in a home environment is probably the SCART input.