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Have any of the Clark Sisters albums gone platinum?

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Yes. Their 1981 album, "You Brought the Sunshine" sold over a million copies.
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How many clark sisters are there?

Biologically there are four the Eldest being Denise Clark-Bradford, Elbernita "Twinkie"Clark-Terrell, Dorinda Grace Clark-Cole, Karen Valencia Clark-Sheard. Jacqueline and Leo

What years were the clark sisters born?

Jacky was born in 1948, Denise was born in 1953, Elbertina was born in 1955, Dorinda was born in 1957, and Karen was born in 1960. Mattie Moss was born in 1925. Jacky was born

Why did Denise Clark Leave the clark Sisters?

Denise Clark had premarital sex which in the process produced children. The Church Of God In Christ church officials felt it need be to talk to her mother Dr. Mattie Moss-Clar

Are The Clark Brothers related to The Clark Sisters?

  Yes they are - It is Dr Mattie Moss Clark's grandsons, Denise Clark's sons (former member of the Clark Sisters) and Dorinda, Karen Jacky and Twinkie's nephews. Kierra an

How long were Lewis and Clark gone on their trip?

Before Lewis met up with Clark, he began the expedition on August 30, 1803 in Pittsburgh PA. Lt. William Clark would offer to join Lewis on the expedition weeks later on Octob

What was the first platinum album?

The RIAA established the Platinum Record in 1975. The first album that was award this was "The Eagles: Their Greatest Hits" which sold in excess of 25 million copies. "In-A-Ga

Did Lewis and Clark have sisters or brothers?

Lucy Meriwether married William Lewis, who died in 1779 and then re-married to Captain John Marks six months later.   To William Lewis she gave birth to:   Jane Meriwet