Have cactus plants ever been poisonous?

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Yes, cactus plants are poisonous when they store their water and watery products and solutions in toxic form. The consequence is fatal for any predator that seeks to assuage a thirst in the bright, drab, dry, hot desert environment. The toxicity is deliberate, to keep predators from lowering a cactus plant's precious supplies of liquid within its stem. A cactus plant is used to being the principal, most important and dominant vegetative form in the desert. So it's used to grabbing the available water in the desert's moisture poor and humidity low environment. It likewise isn't used to sharing the moisture that it gets in liquid form. Instead, it shares its moisture in the form of such edible, juicy body parts as its fruits.
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Are cactus poisonous?

Some cacti can indeed be poisonous. As in: the fluid in the cacti is. Some cacti have juice that is used to remove warts. If you accidently drink that, your intestines will bu

Are zygo cactus plants poisonous?

Yes , holiday cactus plants [ Schlumbergera and Zygocactus spp ] are poisonous. So not one of their body parts are meant to be chewed, eaten or swallowed. Touching or smel

Are Christmas cactus poisonous?

I would check other anwsers , but this is what I heard. ( not sure ) Christmas cactus is poisonous to cats Christmas cactus might be for dogs, probally not I don't

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Cactus plants may be obtained by local, mail order or online shopping . Local sources include all purpose department stores, florists, nurseries, and plant sales by garden cl

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Check for the dirt line on the cactus stem. A mistake with the most dastardly of consequences is putting a plant into a hole that's too deep or too shallow. The new planting

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No , cactus fruits aren't poisonous. The concern is flavorability, not poisonousness. Some of the fruits are more flavorful than others. Some fruits are more flavorful when th

Are Christmas cactus plants poisonous to dogs?

yes I learned the hard way about 2 weeks ago when my Chinese Sharpei ingested part of a branch that had fallen on the floor. She wound up having a seisure while we freaked out

What is the cactus plant?

A cactus (plural: cacti , cactuses , or cactus [1] ) is a member of the plant family Cactaceae , within the order Caryophyllales. The word cactus is derived through L