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Health and safety when using the hairdryer?

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The hair dryer is a common household object used to dry hair at a quicker rate. However, if the hair dryer is placed too close, one could risk injuries from burns and scalding.
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Why is it unsafe to use a hairdryer in the bathtub?

It is not safe because (1) without safety equipment installed in the power box of the home dropping same in the tub with you in it will almost certainly kill you as the result

How do you use a hairdryer?

The hand held hair driers found in most homes are simple to use. They usually have two heat settings. high heat for drying and low heat for styling. For drying hair, use the h

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What are the health and safety risks when using computers?

The main health risk of using a computer are the potential harm toyour vision and a risk of developing carpal tunnel of the wrists.Safety risks include someone getting ahold o

Health and Safety - Using Computers?

It is important to be aware of health and safety when usingcomputers. Extended use of a computer can cause repetitive straininjury.

What are the health and safety standards when using a computer?

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