Heat pump Or gas furnace and AC unit which system to install?

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Your location matters. If in Florida heat pump in more northern climes furnace & ac.
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How do you install an ac unit?

air handler in/under house,level,wire electric,run drain pipe.condenser outside,level,wire electric.Pipe between the two with the proper line sizes.Pull vaccum on entire syste

Can a 3ton heat pump make up for an undersize ac unit and inefficient furnace for a 2000sqft 2story home?

Any air cooled heat pump is only effective down to around 35*F outdoor temperature. So your climate has something to do with what you are asking. In some areas with mild winte

What is a gas furnace heat exchanger?

The heat exchanger is the metal wall or tubing that is heated up when the burners are ignited. The inside of the heat exchanger allows the toxic flue gases produced from the b

How can i find how much it cost to run a air heat pump in central Illinois compared to a gas furnace?

Find out what you pay per kWh, then determine the wattage used per hour of run time of the heat pump. Then multiply the two for cost of runtime per hour. Do the same with your

How do you install heating thermostat only for furnace?

I am assuming that by asking about a "heating thermostat" for a "furnace" we are not talking about air conditioning/heating units or about electric heating units (baseboard, w

Which type of heating system to install in my home Heat pump or gas furnace and ac unit?

That will depend on the cost (and availability) of gas in yourarea, when compared to electric costs. It will also depend on theclimate. At very cold temperatures (below 40 F)
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Are Nordyne Philco heat pump AC units any good?

Philco air conditioning and heat pump units are made by NORDYNE, a company with more than 90 years of experience in heating and cooling. Units made by a major manufacturer