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Hell moves itachi ntsd 2.4?

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If Olivia and Lindy happened to meet face to face, how do you think it would play out? Would you guys be friends?

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Does Itachi get resurrected?

Kabuto revives him using Impure World Resurrection. However Itachi had prepared for this, setting up a technique before his death, so that his reanimated form could break free (MORE)

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How do you download ntsd 2.5 beta?

You can't, unless you know the developer well enough or are on his Beta team. Torrent search engines will return bogus results. http://ntsd.open-board.com/forum.htm There's wh (MORE)

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How do you get Tobi NTSD?

to get Tobi in NTSD 2.1 one the hint is =xtbt I'm not allowed to say more but in NTS 2.2 the creator is changing it anyway and if you still don't get it go to the file that sa (MORE)

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What is the Secret Code for NTSD 2.4?

the secret code to get chars like naruto clone, ANBU, striker nin, hunter nin, jiroubo(cs2), tayuya(cs2), sakon (cs2), kidomaru(cs2), hidan reaper mode, diedara bird mode, pei (MORE)

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What is the Secret Code for NTSD 2.3?

  secret code for NTSD 2.3 is a code that can be used to get new characters.The code is "ETERNAL" dont type in capital letters.The following code activates players like CS (MORE)

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Ntsd 2.4 test version cheats?

when the game is loading then type"eternal" unlock all characters and when playing then u can press f1-f9 are somekinda cheat buttons ex: f6 is infinite mana for u and for com (MORE)

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In Naruto

What is the code to unlock all the characters in NTSD 2.4 full?

to unlock all characters:   Using codetool: type - spike to get kimimaro   - goodboy then go to data and open the data file and change goodboy  to   badboy to get (MORE)