Hell moves itachi ntsd 2.4?

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What is the hell moves for NTSD 2.3?

the only hellmoves that i found out are sakura's, garra's and temari's, becuz their hellmoves are still the same from the last version sakura: DVA, D^A garra: DVJ, D^J

What are the NTSD 2.4 Hell moves?

right now the ones ppl discovered are : Sakura: D,V,A,D,^,A Temari:D,>,A,D,^,J Gaara:D,V,J,D,^,J Deidara(in bird mode):D,V,J,D Sasuke:D,^,J,D^A Shino:D,^,A,D,V,J,

What are the hell moves for NTSD 2.4?

THESE ARE THE HELL MOVES THAT WORK (4 ME SO FAR) Sakura: D,V,A,D,^,A Temari:D,>,A,D,^,J Gaara:D,V,J,D,^,J Deidara(in bird mode):D,V,J,D. Sasuke:D,^,J,D^J . Shino:D,^,A,D

What is the Secret Code for NTSD 2.4?

the secret code to get chars like naruto clone, ANBU, striker nin, hunter nin, jiroubo(cs2), tayuya(cs2), sakon (cs2), kidomaru(cs2), hidan reaper mode, diedara bird mode, pei

NTSD 2.4 T2 - Naruto Hell Move?

in ntsd 2.4 are not hellmoves fixed but in the finish version SAKURA ---defend,down,attack,defend,up,attack TEMARI----defend,forward,attack,defend,upward,jump GARA----

Ntsd 2.4 character code?

I only know 5 that work. (out of seven)\nYondaime - speedy\nHaku - brrrrr\ngod - smiter\nMaster Hand - jkhg\nTon Ton - bacon

What are the Hell Moves for NTSD Full?

Gaara: D v J (wait until the spikes appear) D ^ J Temari: D A (wait until the triple whirlwinds appear) D ^ J Naruto: D v J A D Diedara (birdmode): D v J D Jiraiya: D

What is Sasukes hell move in NTSD full?

D,^,J, and when Sasuke does the handsigns for chidori press D,^.A. It's really hard to time it right, but I've now mastered it to the point of being able to do it every game.

What moves does Naruto have in ntsd 2.4?

-Uzumaki Naruto Replacement Technique- Press Jump When Hit Shuriken- Defend, Forward, Attack (Keep Pressing Attack for More) Clone Toss- Defend, Down, Attack Naruto Ka