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Highest waterfall in North America?

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Yosemite Falls
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What is the highest point in North America?

Mt. Mckinley, Alaska, with a summit at 20,320 feet (6,194 m) is the highest point in North America. Mt McKinley (Denali), 20,323 ft

What are the lowest and highest points in North America?

Highest Point: Mount McKinley, Alaska, United States. 20,327 ft  (6,196 m)   Lowest Point: Death Valley, Arizona, United States. −282 ft (-86 m)

What is North Americas highest mountain?

McKinley it stands at 20,320 ft or 6194 meters it is in Alaska

North America's highest waterfalls?

The highest waterfall in North America is James Bruce Falls, which  is located in Canada. Other tall waterfalls include Johannesburg  Falls and Yosemite Falls.