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Hindi slogans on elections?

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dekho sab ke badh gye bhav,
lo dekho fir se aa gye chunav
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Slogan in Hindi?

Kabir's slogan - Hasti chadiye gyan ki sahej dulicha dari, shawn roop sansar hai bhookan de jhak mari

What is a Hindi slogan on importance of Hindi?

Jaise rango ke milne se khilta hai basant/vasant vaise bhashao ki mishri se bolti hai Hindi. Mixing of colors blooms a spring, blending of languages speaks Hindi. This r

Slogan on cricket in Hindi?

You can find these online. It may also be possible to look up theslogans in English an then have them translated later.

Slogans on pollution in Hindi?

Ped lagao, desh bachao. Paryavaran sanrakshan, jeevan hoga kal jal hai to kal hai ped lagao jeevan bachao ped ki raksha desh ki raksha jal se hi kal aur nahi aate.. Apne a