Hinge fracture of skull is seen in accidents involving?

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Hinge fracture of skull is a basilar fracture of skull involving middle cranial fossa & pituitary fossa dividing the base of the skull into an anterior and posterior segments. Its associated with blows to the chin as sustained by boxers or motorcyclists who fall on the road surface striking the chin
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What is the Treatment for a skull fracture?

Answer: That really depends on the severity of the fractured skull. If the bones are still in place and have not moved, and are not considered a threat to cause futher damage,

Does a skull fracture heal?

Yes a skull fracture does heal. However, it does take a long time to do so. It can take a year to heal if not longer. It all depends on if the fractures heal correctly, if tha

What should you do if your skull is fractured?

FREAK OUT!!! Nah, I'm only kidding what you do is up to you so if you must then just call 999 (if you live in Britain) or if you are somewhere else then call the emergency
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How serious is a skull fracture?

if you think your skull is fractured and you're on here asking about it, your skull is not fractured.
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What is a open skull fracture?

When a fracture is associated with a laceration or cut in the area of the fracture, it is called an open fracture
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Can you drink alcohol after fractured skull?

Go ahead and drink ALOT! Odds are you are on welfare and have a medical card... so whatever happens dont worry the taxpayers will keep you alive in able for you to try it agai