Home ac-heater heats intermittently?

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Check air filter is clean , check control board for any diagnostic flash codes.

How do you fix the heated seats Driver's side works intermittently?

I've owned a 1998 and now a 1999 Eddie Bauer Expedition. Both have had drivers heated seat go out. What happens is the wire breaks due to being sat on many, many times over th

Oldsmobile Intrigue heater problem Intermittent heat and blower Any clues to what or why that I can tell my mechanic?

Tell your mechanic exactly what you have directly observed in plain English. Use words that mean exactly what you want to say. Do not speak in Ebonics. Also, try checking t

What is an intermittent?

Intermittent is an adjective describing a punctuated and orirregular set of instances. Wiper blades on a vehicle can be set towipe intermittently, that is on a delay and not c

Central ac runs intermittently?

A central air conditioning unit will commonly turn on and offintermittently. To stop this, adjust the temperature on thethermostat or switch the unit either on or off rather t

Why Ford Focus heater blower intermittent?

If there is an issue with your Ford Focus heater that blowsintermittently it is a sign that the blower needs to be replaced orcleaned. A certified mechanic can do a diagnostic

Why would my 2004 Toyota Camry have low or intermittent heat?

If the heat only works when you hit the gas then you either need to add antifreeze or replace you thermostat and radiator cap. My family and I have had plenty of Camry's since

Home ac heater unit heat wont come on?

Could be lots of things. If you have a standing pilot light, one that stays on all the time, the thermocouple may be bad. A thermocouple is a small rod that sits in the flame
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How do you change home AC and heat pump thermostat?

It's easier than you think. First, turn off the breaker to the furnace. Then remove the thermostat from the wall, paying close attention to which wires are hooked to what term
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How can homes be heated?

Homes be heated with: . wood - stove or fireplace . oil . gas . electric