How Do You Tell Someone You fancy them without speaking?

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Kiss them...
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How can you tell if someone fancies you?

boys- Boys will tend to try to come across as hard and streetwise when around you, they might even bully you and tease you! Its strange, but true because they recon someone

How do you tell someone you fancy them?

If you want to tell someone you fancy them the my advise would be to engage them in a conversation then just randomely come out with "I Fancy You" when someone tell another p

How do you tell someone of the same gender that you fancy them?

To tell someone of the same gender that you fancy them, you shouldjust be honest. However, do it in a way that will not cause theother person to feel uncomfortable. Just state

You fancy someone but think they fancy someone else so how do you tell them that you fancy them?

Say that their fat and is a big fat lump of poo! Jokes! dont ever say that! Well i would do it on facebook or something because then its not that scary or something. Make sur

How do you tell if someone fancys you?

Well most of the time they will leave certain hints like holding your hand of laughing when you say something even when it is not funny..........Then sometimes they will come

How do you tell someone that you fancy them?

Well you should just sit down with him/her or do something and tell him/her. Or I think the easier way how to do it if your shy of him/her just write him/her a note telling hi

If you fancy someone how can you tell if they fancy you too?

You will definetly know if someone "fancies" you. They will be around you a lot and make an effort to be around where you are at social gatherings. If they have enough courage

How can you tell when you fancy someone?

When you fancy someone you usually get a weird feeling when your around them and you also want to see them as often as you can Sometimes people fancy someone who isn't that at

How do you tell you fancy someone?

your vagina or penus gets tingly or you become more self consous of youself because to have dreams of sexing them(thats what happened to me but i woke and i was sexing my tedd

How do you get someone to tell you who they fancy?

Unfortunately, you can't make anyone tell you who they like. If you're friends with them they may eventually tell you if they trust you. If it's someone from the opposite gend
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How can you tell if your friend fancies someone?

when you say fancies someone does that mean like someone? well if that what it means then your friend likes a guy. you will know because she wants to be with him more then she
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How can you tell if you have a soft spot for someone or if you fancy them?

If you have a soft spot for someone I would say it's more serious than a crush or that you fancy them. If you have a soft spot for someone try looking out for that one person