How about it Smart car fortwo's meter monitor appears a key lightning and cannot start and remote-control unit cannot use?

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This is a standard feature of the Smart, if you leave the car unlocked for more than a few minutes the ignition locks up and a flashing key apears. Just remove the key and press central lock to reset.
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Why does your car starts beeping like the doors are open for about 2 continuous minutes when you turn the car on you cannot lock the the car with the control either?

perhaps the car thinks the door is still open, check the sensors in the doors and make sure they're not stuck.

Will a smart car use keys?

Answer . \nYes, Smart cars do need keys im not sure about in the futur but now they do for sure.

Your car starts but when you stop you cannot start car again for at least 20 mins?

I am having this same problem. I will give a definitive answer once I've had my car looked at but I'm confident that the problem lies within either the starter or the solenoid

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In a mercedes, usually the glove box key is located hidden within the bigger remote key of the car. Look for this key on the top/back of the remote, it's the only metal part o