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How amoeba gets food?

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an amoeba gets food thorugh pseudopods, which form when cytoplams flows toward one location and the rest of the amoeba follows.
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How does amoeba gets food?

amoeba obtains food by osmosis, which is that when a high consideration moves to a smaller consideration.

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How do amoeba get their food?

The amoeba moves its psuedopodia (false feet) around the food particle. thus a food vacuole is formed.then the amoeba secretes digestive enzymes into the food vacuole and the (MORE)

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How amoeba obtain its food?

They engulf there food by the process of phagocytosis or picnocytosis. The large food material first broken down by ameoba as it secreate some extracellular enzyme then that (MORE)

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How a sarcodine such as an amoeba gets food?

Sarcodines also use pseudopods to trap food. The organisms extends a pseudopod on each side of the food particle. The two pseudopods then join together, trapping the particle (MORE)

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Can Amoeba make it own food?

Amoeba can not make it own food because it is not autotrophs since it has no chloroplast.