How are Swedens econamics?

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Sweden is a lagom socialist democracy, which means that wealth is distributed equally to the people.
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Where is Sweden?

Sweden is a sovereign state in northern Europe on the Scandinavian peninsula. It lies between Norway (to the west) and Finland (to the east). The Baltic Sea connects Sweden t

What is econamic factors?

i am in iran. i want help from you to know about econamic.i am student in this field. i need thic information to my raech

What can you do in Sweden?

There are many activities for people when visiting Sweden,including festivals. People can also enjoy museums, theme parks,and landmarks.

What is Sweden?

Sweden is a souvereign state in the north of Europe on the peninsula of Scandinavia. It borders to Norway and Finland on land. It borders to those countries over seas: Denmark

Difination of econamics?

ensuring maximum utilisation as the scarce resource to fulfil the goal of the organisation is the economics, the science of making the choice

Why is Sweden called Sweden?

It is called "Sverige". Sweden is just an English translation. The word "Sverige" is formed by two other words, "Svea" which is an old name for one of the old nations formi

Econamic importance of fungi?

Fungi can increase or decrease crop yields as mutualists and pathogens of plants, they are responsible for making dough rise and alcohol, they cause and prevent the spoilage o

How do you say Sweden in Sweden?

Sverige (Sv-air-ye) - note that it has two syllables, not three, and the "air" bit is not a diphthong. It appears to be extremely difficult for non-Swedes to pronounce this,

What is econamics?

it is a social science which deals with how scarce resources are allocated in a country
In Sweden

How are you in Sweden?

Fine, thank you - and you, wherever you are? Hur mår du? (how areyou feeling?) Hur har du det? (how is life?)