How are electromagnetic waves used in dentistry and medicine?

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X-Rays are a type of electromagnetic waves. and they play an important role in dentistry and orthopedic investigation. Many individuals undergo an X-ray to allow medical professionals to gain a better idea of what is going on inside someone so appropriate treatment can be prescribed and provided.

We also see gamma radiation, a higher energy form of electromagnetic radiation, used in treating some types of cancer. When we hear that someone has undergone "radiation therapy" in an attempt to stop or control cancer, the gamma ray source is often what is being referred to. Other types of radiation can be used, but gamma ray treatments are still common.
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What are the uses of Electromagnetic waves?

When we watch the television ,or when we cook our food in the micro wave ,we use the electromagnetic waves Radio Waves - transmitting signals Micro Waves - for coooking?

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Because the electric field portion of the electromagnetic wave arerapidly attenuated in water, due to its conductivity. This is also why light becomes horizontally polarized w

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How do you use the electromagnetic spectrum in medicine?

The EM spectrum is used in the treatment of cancers by killing malignant cells, gamma rays and X-rays are used for this purpose. Similarly, X-rays are used in the analysis

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MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is widely used in modern medicine to image the body's internal structures in high contrast. One new and still very experimental use is Tran

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How are em waves used in dentistry?

EM waves stands for Electromagnetic Waves. The EM waves used in dentistry are usually X-Rays. These electromagnetic waves go through your skin and other body tissue (don't wor

What are electromagnetic waves used for?

communications - radio bands, TV bands, microwave bands, IR andvisible light bands . cooking - microwave band and IR band . medical - radio band, IR band, x-ray band . sens