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Thematically, both often deal with the struggle of good over evil; Star wars is a great example of a story with both Sci-fi and fantasy characteristics (this combination is often called a 'space opera'), Star wars contains such classic fantasy elements as an 'evil emperor', a princess to save, and a chosen hero who defeats the dark lord. The only thing that separates this from typical examples of heroic fantasy is the setting, which includes Spaceflight and advanced technology.

Importantly, both genres, even at their most dissimilar provide a source of escapism from the mundaneness of modern and historical fiction (and non-fiction), by constructing a world, that never has, or never will be.
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A story that adheres to the speculative restrictions of science fiction but never-the-less allows in some blatant fantastical elements.    The Dying Earth by Jack Vance

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If you don't have a good story and believable characters, it is badfiction even if the science part is good. Good science fictionshould have be good fiction and have good scie

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Both are speculative, and fantasy is often considered a sub-genreof science fiction.

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elements in science fiction could happen, and have changes of technology that we already have, and predict what we could have fantasy has things that would never happen, its m