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How are images formed in the retina?

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The retina is the thin light-sensitive membrane lining the inner eyeball- towards the back of the eye. When light goes into your eye it must pass through the lens (a biconvex lens) which inverts the image you are seeing- Basically- when you look at an image, let's say an apple, light bounces off the apple into your eye- as it enters your eye and passes through the lens the image gets inverted- reversed and flipped the other way- so that the image on your retina looks like an upside down apple going from right to left instead of left to right. Once this image is set on the retina, cone cells distinguish the color and detail while rod cells distinguish movement and shades of grey. The retina is connected to a nerve called the optic nerve- the image gets sent from the optic nerve to the occipital lobe in the brain where the image gets flipped and inverted once again to the proper image of the apple you first saw- and is finally interpreted.
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Is the image formed on the retina inverted or upright?

Inverted, just like the image on film through a lense on an old fashioned box camera. But...your brain accepts the info off the retina and through your optic nerve and interpr

Are images formed on the retina real or virtual?

They are real, however, everything your eyes take in is upside down. So the screen you're looking at now is actually upside down to your eyes. However, your brain, in it's spl

What type of image is formed on the retina of a human eye?

when an image goes through the eyes the image that forms in  the retina is upside down and the brain has to flip it back the  right way. And its a real image. Image formed 

Is the image formed on your retina real or virtual?


An image that falls on the retina is upright?

The image that falls on the retina is inverted. To better understand this, observe any image around you, better yet, look at your computer screen. Now imagine drawing a horizo

What part of the eye focuses light to form an image to the retina?

The cornea and the crystalline lens. Approx. 2/3 of the focusing power comes from the cornea, and 1/3 from the crystalline lens. This structure can also change shape to allow

What focuses the image on the retina?

The thing that focuses the retina is the pupil. the light rays pass through the cornea into the pupil while passing through a cavity which contains a jelly-like liquid called