How are letters of the Meghalaya alphabet pronounced?

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It depends on which Meghalaya language you are talking about. There are 5 different languages spoken in that region:

1. Khasi
2. Pnar
3. Garo
4. Hindi
5. English
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How do you pronounce the German alphabet?

\nUnfortunately, WikiAnswers cannot provide any audio help for this question, however the website listed below in the "Related Links" section has the audio sounds for each letter.

How do you pronounce the spanish alphabet?

ahh bay say chay day aye effay hay achho ee hota ka ell-aye ay-yay m-aye n-yay o pay coo air-a airrr-a ese te ovve VA doble ah-keys egreaguh say tah oh you'll say the l alpha beta allea! It's called 'el alfabeto espanol' (tilde, ~, on the 'n') = 'the Spanish alphabet'. The letters are a/b/c/d (MORE)

How do British people pronounce the alphabet?

Compared with American pronunciation, the British generally say it the same way as Americans, with some differences. Most notably, Z is pronounced "Zed". Vowels in the names of the letters are pronounced with British accents, which vary by region. Rarely, H is pronounced "Haitch", but this (MORE)

How do you spell and pronounce the the English alphabet in spanish?

Here's how you pronounce the English alphabet in Spanish (put stress on the syllables in capital letters):. a = ah, b = bay, c = say, d = day, e = eh (or ay), f = EF-fay, g = hay, h = AH-chay, i = ee, j = HO-tah, k = kah, l = EL-lay, m = EM-may, n = EN-nay, o = oh, p = pay, q = koo, r = AIR-ray, s (MORE)

How do you pronounce each letter of the french alphabet?

A (ah) B (bay) C (say) D (day) E (eugh) F (ef) G (djay) H (ash) I (ee) J (dgee) K (kaa) L (el) M (em) N (en) O (oh) [purse your lips] P (pay) Q (koo) [purse your lips again] R (air) [Have to say it french like not like the English air] S (es) T (tay) U (ooh) V (vay) W (doobla-vay) X (eeks) Y (ee-gre (MORE)

How do you pronounce the alphabet letters?

Well, you could have meant that question in two ways, so I'm answering both. The letters in the alphabet all together is pronounced: ab-ca-def-gee-jackal-minop-quick-stew-vick-siys. Each individual letter is pronounced like so: A: aye B: bee C: cee D: dee E: ee F: ef G: gee H: aych (MORE)

What are the two letters in the Spanish alphabet that are not found in the English alphabet?

The Spanish alphabet has three letters not found in the English alphabet. They are:- . che (‹ch›) . elle (‹ll›) . eñe (‹ñ›) _________________________________________________________________ Actually ch and ll aren't official letters, they are offi (MORE)

What letter is not in the alphabet?

Riddle Answers: . The letter you send to a friend. . The letter ' c ' is not in ' the alphabet ,' nor are most of the other letters of the alphabet! Alphabet History Answer : There are many letters that were used in the past but which are no longer in the standard English alphabet. e. (MORE)

How many letters did the Greeks have in their alphabet?

24. α β γ δ ε ζ η θ ι κ λ μ ν ξ ο π ρ σ τ υ φ χ ψ ω. Α Β Γ Δ Ε Ζ Η Θ Ι Κ Λ Μ Ν Ξ Ο Π Ρ Σ Τ Υ Φ Χ Ψ Ω.

What are the letters in the phonetic alphabet?

A = alpha b_=bravo c=charley d=delta e=echo f=foxtrot g=golf h=hotel i=india j=juliet k=kilo l=lima m=mike n=november o=oscar p=papa q=qubec r=romeo s=seera t=tango u=uniform v=victor w=wiskey x=x-ray y=yankee z=zulu

Alliteration for every letter of the alphabet?

an apple bright beaches cold cuts dark dungeon elder elephant fat fox good girl hard hat icy igloo jumping jacks kitchen kiln long llama mad money new nickels old oak pretty pig quiet queen red racer sappy song teal table underrated umbrella vicious varmint wet willy xenophobic xylophone yowling yak (MORE)

Nouns for each letter of the alphabet?

A are B bar C car D dog E eel F fig G gate H hat I ice J jug K kit L lamp M man N nit O octopus P pear Q queen R rat S sun T top U umbrella V vat W water X xylophone Y year Z zebra

Fruits beginning with letters of the alphabet?

· apple · blueberry · cherry · date · eggplant · fig · grapefruit · honeydew melon · ita palm · jalapeno pepper · kiwi · lemon · mango · nectarine · orange · peach · quince · rasp (MORE)

Do all alphabets start with the letter a?

No. Some alphabets, such as Arabic and Hebrew, don't even have the letter A.. Here are some starting letters of alphabets that do not start with A:. Hebrew = א. arabic = ا. Syriac = ܐ. Korean = ㄱ.

Cities starting with the letters in the alphabet?

albany bethlehem charleston dubuque edinburgh galvaston honolulu iowa city jacksonville kalamazoo las vegas marakesh new york olympia pittsburgh quebec city rishon letsion san diego tel aviv universal city vatican city washington xenia yorba linda zacatecas

How many letters are in the Klingon alphabet?

It contains 26 letters (21 consonants and 5 vowels) with a one-to-one grapheme-phoneme correspondence: that is, one letter represents one sound and one sound is written with one letter. There are also ten numerals.

Why has Meghalaya named as such?

The word "Meghalaya" literally means "The Abode of Clouds". Meghalaya is a small state in north-eastern India The climate of Meghalaya is moderate but humid, the average annual rainfall going as high as 1200 cm in some areas, making it the wettest state of India.

How many letters are in the Zulu alphabet?

26 (although many groups of letters (digraphs and trigraphs) form unique sounds in zulu such as "nhl". If you count all the digraphs and trigraphs as separate letters, then there are 60 letters).

How many letters are in the ethiopian alphabet?

Ethiopian does not use an alphabet; it uses an abugida. There are209 symbols plus 25 letter variants, not including numbers orpunctuation. So what is ABUGIDA? It is Ethiopian alphabet which is equivalent ofcalling English alphabet as abcde.

How many districts are there in Meghalaya?

There are a total of Seven(7) Districts in Meghalaya, They are: East Khasi Hills, Shillong West Khasi Hills, Nongstoin Ri-Bhoi District, Nongpoh Jaintia Hills, Jowai East Garo Hills, Williamnagar West Garo Hills, Tura South Garo Hills, Baghmara

How do you pronounced France alphabet?

A= ah B= beh (like 'be' in ' be d') C= ceh D= deh E= euh (like 'ear' in 'l ear n') F= eff (normal 'f') G= jay (normal 'j') H= ash I= eee (normal 'e') J= gee (normal 'g') K= kah L= ell (normal 'l') M= emm (normal 'm') N= enn (normall 'n') O= oh P= pey (like 'pay') Q= k (MORE)

How do you pronounce the Quenya elvish alphabet?

Quenya is a language - the "alphabet" is called Tengwar and is not exclusive to Quenya or even the Elvishlanguages in general - for example, it was also used to write theinscription on the One Ring in the Black Tongue.