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Magnets are in places you usually don't think about. Remember that magnets can be roughly broken down into two types - permanent magnets and electro-magnets (sometimes "hard" and "soft" magnets). In any case without good magnets, life as we know it would be a whole lot different.
Speakers almost always have permanent magnets in them. And motors, too. Many motors have electromagnets as part of their means of operation in place of the permanent magnets we find in other motors. Computer hard drives have their data stored on them in the form of tiny magnets (or areas on the ferromagnetic coating of the platter) that are created when the read/write head applies a magnetic field for an instant over a particular location on a particular track. Magnets have been formed on the "magnetic stripe" on bank cards and other transaction or identification cards. Certainly there are plenty of toys and gadgets in which magnets play an integral part. Magnetic fields in transformers, like those in motors, make them work.
Poor magnet design or lack of quality materials would increase the size and decrease the efficiency of tons of stuff. Laptops would be the size of a suitcase. All motors would get really big. Our power grid, which is operating near capacity on many occasions, would be overwhelmed. In fact, if the electromagnetic action in transformers didn't work, the power grid itself wouldn't work.
Wikipedia has more information, and a link is provided.
some things that use magnets are televisions . Magnets also enable the fan motto to let the fan blades to move.
well you use them in your clocks, televisions, cars and a lot more
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