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How are maps and satellite images alike?

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They both give a birds eye view of the chosen region or area
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How do you get satellite images of the earth?

The satellite takes pictures of the earth, and sends the photos down by radio, as a digital data-stream. Maybe kind of like the same way you send pictures to your friend's

How do geographers use satellite images?

They use satellite images to see what a area looks like from above earth they also collect information that we cannot see from the planets surface.

How are space probes and satellites alike?

There are a few ways in which space probes and satellites are  similar. They are similar in the fact that they study planets, are  sent from Earth and things happening in sp

What do satellite images show?

Satellite images can show things like landforms and the outlines of countries. Also, those images can be used in GPS devices to show roads.

How are satellite images helpful?

they r helpful as they are made such they go into the space and dont get burrn and get us valuable information about universe

What are satellite images?

Photos taken of Earth from an orbiting satellite

How often does Google Maps update their satellite images?

Google Maps uses the same satellite data as Google Earth and  updated together usually once or twice a month.    ------------------------------------------------------

How are physical maps and political maps alike?

Political maps show states,countries,capitals etc. Physical maps  show mountains and deserts, rivers and other features. They both  show these on a projection of the contine