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Mountains can be formed at convergent boundaries when two continental plates collide with one another. The Himalayas were formed in this manner. They can also form at hot spots on Earth and at ocean ridges.
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How do mountains form?

The main process by which mountains form is through tectonic activity. When two tectonic plates collide, the crust is crumpled and pushed upwards to form mountains (as an anal

How mountains form?

Mountains are formed when two plates collide,They both push upwards and create a mountain.

How are mountains formed?

Volcanic mountains are formed either through the introduction and accumulation of magma over a crustal " hot spot " or through volcanic activity associated with the collisio

Where do mountains form?

Well convergent boundaries form mountains, but where do mountains form within the boundary? They start under the ocean and come up when the plates come together. So therfore t

Why do mountains form?

Mountains form at (convergent and divergent) plate boundaries. Two plates can crash together and bend upward, forming a mountain, or lava can harden into rack and build up vol

Where are mountains formed?

Mountains are formed at convergent plate boundaries or also known as fault lines.

Why are mountains formed?

When the plates of the Earth collide, it forms a new mountain. There was no reason mountains were made, but they were naturaly made by nature and the envirment

How were the mountains formed?

Mountains are formed when: . Two or more continental crusts collide, and then push each other upwards, e.g. the Himalayas were created when two continental plates collided.

How do mountain form?

When hot rock form within the earth rises through the ocean flood as plates separate. This forms a volcanic mountain chain or ridge, on the ocean flood.

When are mountains formed?

Now. If you are standing near an area of upheaval you should move. You have millions of years to get out of the way.

How was a mountain formed?

A Mountain is formed by the movement of Iithospheric plates, either orogenic movement or epeirogenic movement

Why are mountains form?

Mountains are formed by tectonic plates shifting and causingthe crust to fold. And after millions of years, a mountain buildsup. . Also when it erupts the rocks build up and
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How is a mountain form?

By the means of plate tectonics at a zone of collision fold mountains are formed. At a zone of collision two continental plates collide and since they are of equal densities n

How did a mountain form?

the earth is made up of different plates and all the plates are different sizes, shapes and weight. there are 2 types of plates, oceanic and continental. a mountain is form