How are people treated in Mexico if they don't speak their language?

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Mexico is pretty welcoming to foreign people who don't speak Spanish -- there are many instances of immigrants who stay in Mexico and don't speak their language, such as Haitians and Koreans. However, in order to establish close relationships or navigate trough more complex social situations, you should at least try to speak a little. Otherwise, it will be a hard time for you, even if people are attentive and helpful.
Mexico is very welcoming of people from all over the world, and they do not worry about things such as language barriers.
Mexico is pretty welcoming to foreign people who don't speak Spanish -- there are many instances of immigrants who stay in Mexico and don't speak their language, such as Haitians and Koreans. However, in order to establish close relationships or navigate trough more complex social situations, you should at least try to speak a little. Otherwise, it will be a hard time for you, even if people are attentive and helpful.
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What language do Spanish people speak?

The official language of Spain is Spanish (Español), sometimes called Castillian (Castellano). In addition, recognized regional languages with some form of local official status include: . Aragonese . Asturian . Basque . Catalan (also called Valencian) . Galician . Occitan

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just like people have different religion it formed over life. people made their own language like the Greeks they formed are alphabet today by try different things. (They come from different places! Its not like there is a big quintessence that the whole world had one language . way back then they (MORE)

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they speak spanish. They would probably say it is not a dialect in Madrid; rather that it is proper Castilian Spanish according to the Real Academia. Everything that is not Castilian Spanish is considered a dialect by the elitists.

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They generally speak Serbian which is very similar to Croatian. Some Serbians speak Hungarian and Albanian. This guy made a mistake Serbia is not like Croatian, Croatian is like Serbian because the croatian language was created after 1990 and the Serbian language in the 1400

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The United States does not have a National Language, but the main language spoken is English. Other dominant languages spoken are Chinese, Spanish, and many others. English is the official language of the United States. There is a large population of Spanish speakers in the US as well.

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Either they are worried with their tenses if they're using the English languages or Pride. If they live in the same area and they're already living outside their homeland they may not know anymore about their birth languages. They think they may judges against them as hypocrites.

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The language spoken by most people in the Indian state of Gujarat is called Gujarati. It is related to Hindi. In addition, some people also speak Hindi, Urdu, Marathi, and Kutchi.

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People in Jakarta mostly speak Indonesian, although the largest group outside of this speaks Javanese. Indonesian is the only language taught in the schools to counterbalance the hundreds of languages spoken by the Indonesian people.

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Most speak the national languages of the countries they live in: . Norwegian . Swedish . Finnish . Russian Some also speak one of the 10 native Sami languages: . Northern Sami . Lule Sami . Pite Sami . Ume Sami . Southern Sami . Inari Sami . Skolt Sami . Kildin Sami . Ter Sami ( (MORE)

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Native Americans, Peruvians, and European people make up the population but mostly Peruvians make up the population. OR if you were born in Peru you are Peruvian

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Italian - Napoli is the same as Naples, Italy. They also speak the Neapolitan dialect of Italian, which can bequite a bit different from Standard Italian at times.

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They may come from different countries, or might have been taken there to far of country as slaves, or even migrated due to floods or famine. According to the Biblical story When people thought of building a kingdom into the heavens, God didn't want them so, He led the people into different langu (MORE)

How many people in Romania don't speak Romanian language?

There are small communities of Hungarians, Gypsies, Germans, Russians, Turks, Serbians, Bulgarians, Arabs, Chinese, Macedonians ,Ukrainians, Greeks and many other communities who don't speak Romanian as a mother language but live in Romania.

What language do people speak when they speak in tongues?

Answers from the community: . Speaking in tongues is a religious experience and has nothingto do with language. . No study has ever shown even the slightest evidence that realwords are being spoken. . it's an inspired language that a holy person may speak whenoverwhelmed by the Holy Spirit . (MORE)

How many people in Mexico don't speak spanish?

Only 0.8% of Mexico's population (some 896,000 people for 2010)does not speak Spanish. These include people of Amerindian ancestryas well as relatives and spouses of many first-generationimmigrants into Mexico. As an interesting fact, the least spoken languages in Mexicoinclude either Lao (From Lao (MORE)

How do you say 'I don't speak your language' in spanish?

no hablo su lenguage / idioma / lengua (formal) no hablo tu lenguage / idioma / lengua (informal) There are three words that can be used. Strictly speaking Lenguage (Len-gwa-heh) is the exact translation of the English Language (Lang-wedge). Idioma means language also but strictly speaking it (MORE)

Why do people of Mexico speak Spanish instead of a native Mayan language?

Because present-day Mexico was conquered and settled by Spanish conquistadors in the 16th century. As conquerors, they imposed their language, religion and culture among the peoples of that country, destroying the indigenous cultures along the way, such as Mayan, Aztec and many others. However, not (MORE)

Why do people speak different language'?

Evolution !... People evolved at different rates throughout theplanet - and devised words and phrases to identify objects andsituations in their own surroundings.