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How are rabbits and hares different?

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Hares are larger than rabbits, and their ears are much longer than those of the rabbit. When you only get a quick glimpse of the animal the long ears are the easiest way to differentiate between a hare and a rabbit.

Hares have longer legs than a rabbit and can run much faster than rabbits. When a rabbit runs away from you, you will see its white scut, as the tail is called; the hare does not have a white scut.

Rabbits are sociable animals and live in underground colonies called warrens. Hares live solitary lives above ground and sleep (and give birth) in scratched-out depressions called forms.

Baby rabbits are called kittens. They are born without fur and their eyes are shut; they are totally dependent upon their mothers. Baby hares are called leverets and are born with fur, their eyes wide open and they are able to fend for themselves within a hour of their birth, with their mother only visiting once or twice a day to feed their baby.

Sometimes, depending where in the world they live, a hare's coat will change color from brown to white in winter while a rabbit's coat changes to grey in winter.
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