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How are science and technology different?

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how is science and technology different?
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What is the different of science to the technology?

  Science is supposed to be research and/or study of the world around us. The supposition is that the more we understand about the world around us we will be able to come

How does the technology differ from science?

Science is purely learning more about something and researching it. Technology is the same except that the motivation is to use that knowledge to make something beneficial. If

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What is the difference between science and technology?

Science can broadly be defined as the study of "things" such as: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Genetics, Geology, Psychology, Sociology, and other fields of study that analyze

What is the difference science and technology?

Science deals with understanding how the universe works, and technology deals with the creation of useful devices based upon scientific understanding.

How does a science differ from technology?

Science is the cumulative knowledge that mankind has gathered up to the present. For ideas to gain acceptance by the scientific community, a hypothesis has to be proposed and

How is science different from technology?

The basic and simplest difference is that science is the  investigation and explanation of natural and man made phenomena.   Technology is the application of the results

What are the different types of science technology?

Physics: the study of matter, energy, space and time. Botany: the study of plants. Chemistry: the study of reactions, creations, and binding of matter. Mineralogy: The study o

How does science differ from technology?

  Put very simply, science is the study of a subject in search of knowledge and/or solutions.   Technology is the means of utilizing results of that study, particularly