How are some different ways the technology influence sprots?

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Technology has influenced numerous sporting equipment, lighter tennis racquets, better shoes, etc., are some examples of this. High speed cameras and analysis software have helped players fine tune their game in numerous sports. Technology is consistently used in assisting on field umpires and the list goes on and on. In general, there is no field that has not been influenced by technology, albeit positivey or negatively.
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How technology influences art?

From my own personal experience (I am an artist , an abstract painter) I can only say how technology influened my art. In 1978 I met Sam Golden, a paint Chemist , who was just opening his own company, Golden Artist Colors, in New Berlin ,NY. I was introduced by another artist who told me this manhad (MORE)

How has technology influenced drama?

Technology has greatly influenced drama. With the use of technologyforeign dramas are dubbed into local dialects. Drama subtitles arealso a result of technology. The use of musical pieces to give moreweight to a drama is also a result of technology.

What are some different types of technology?

Technology is a broad term meaning the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. Different types of technology include Inventions, Electronics, Cybernetics and Food Technology.

How has music been influenced by technology?

There are different types of genres now that technology has advanced such as electro, dubstep, house etc. There is also the development of auto tune which alters a singers voice. It has had negative and positive effects.

Has technology influenced animations?

Yes. Technology has influenced almost everything. No longer is animation left to the Disney's and Pixar's of the world, we can create and watch animations and cartoons from the comfort of our own home.

How has technology influenced the guitar?

Technology influence guitar because without technology you cannot make anything. Technology helps people to invent anything. Guitar is made by the help of technology and technology has been given by GOD to the humans.

In what ways is information technology different from information and communication technology?

Information Communications Technologies (ICTs), such as Radios, Satellites, Hyper Text Transmission Protocol (HTTP), and Extract Transformation & Load (ETL) solutions, are a subset of all Information Technologies. ICTs only focus on the "transmission" and "reception" of data, whereas the general ter (MORE)

Ways in which information technology is different from information and communication technology?

" Communication Technology ," also known as " Communications Technology " or " Information Communications Technology (ICT) ," is focused on the reception and/or transmission of data and information across one or more different communications channels or mediums. Communications Technology is co (MORE)

How do these technologies influence the way you live your life?

Technology is growing at a high time record. Information technologyhas made many improvements in day to day living. For example, cellphones allow people to stay in touch when they are out and about,and the internet provides information with the touch of a button.

What are the four different ways people react to technology?

The Four Response Groups Innovators -- adopt all new technologies Early Adopters -- use once developed Laggards -- adopt grudgingly or only partially Luddites -- scorn and disapprove of new things (from the anti-industrial group of British textile workers in 1811 and 1812) Ways People React to (MORE)

What jobs were influenced by technology?

Typists, publishers, journalists, librarians, teachers, factory workers... when you think about it, almost every job has been affected by technology, from binmen to builders, hairdressers to health professionals!

How do technology influence policy formulations?

As technology involves technological process to produce inventive products (invention), it is included in rules and regulations where the inventor must abide to reach and meet the standard quality requirements. From the starting point of invention, it depends on the policy formulation. Why policy (MORE)

What are some ways art influences people?

Art is all around us. In literature, music, paintings, and culture influence all of us. We often take it granted. Our society has been influenced by art such as music especially the pop culture. Famous authors today describe our society through literature. We share ideas of art through the media and (MORE)

What is influence of technology on work behavior?

Examples of technology affecting work behavior include: surfing the web on company time cell phone use during company time getting work done more efficiently using search engines and software programs

How has technology influenced live sound?

Obviously, all live sound reinforcement is technology- fromspeakers to mixers etc. However, in the last 10 years or so, manyaspects of live sound have gone through a technological revolution.The largest area in which one can see this is in digitalsoundboards. Instead of having an analog component co (MORE)

What influence does technology have on training?

In some cases, hands-on training can be beneficial to the learning experience. If you have experience working with the equipment, then you will most likely have a better time helping a customer.

What influence does technology have on training and development?

Technology has given many of training aids , training models andtraining equipment thus making the training more realistic and lesscostly . A pilot can get training of many facilities on the model.The pace of development has been enhanced to technology and most ofdesign and development models are ma (MORE)

How has technology influenced global change?

Technology has given major influence to us all through out the years have passed. You could simply imagine during the early years of our parents how hard communication was for them. They didn't have cellphones and twitter to connect with and look at us now. We could connect with our friends but just (MORE)

How technology influences dance?

Technology influences dancing in many ways. For several decades now, step sequencers have allowed for the creation of songs that feature faster drum beats, more uniform and complex tracks. Mp3 technology allows for DJ's to easily transition from one song to the next with more efficient beat matchi (MORE)

How has fashion been influenced by technology?

Technology has streamlined fashion design in the quick view possibilities of construction and material choice for garments. In addition, styles have changed allowing pockets for electronic devices in many more garments.

How has technology influenced chemistry?

Well, it has influenced the chemistry in many ways. For example, computers can run chemical simulations, new equipment results in more accurate experiments, etc.

Which is an example of how cost influences technology?

Here are a few examples of the influence of how the cost of materials or manufacturing methods influence the technology those materials and methods are used to create: Rare-earth metals. The rare earths market is important mainly for the production of high strength permanent magnets. These metals (MORE)

What are some way to geography influences how to people live?

-how presentable the place is (how beautiful) -what types of landscapes that place has (those types of stuff....) In my opinion, the people would want to live in a beautiful place because, so then guest or visitors will be really impressed where they live. Also, even if they are poor, people will (MORE)

How did the technology in ancient Egypt pulley sail paper influence the quality of life for those who lived their how does that compare to the way technology today influences your quality of life?

Today, we don't have to get water from rivers, lakes, or oceans. I have more stuff to help us stay alive. Like shoes help us to have protection on our feet. Well, firstly it makes life easier with transportation, we get to places quicker. With air planes we can travel wherever, whenever, and quicker (MORE)

What is the influence of technology on drawing?

the influence of technology in drawing is that, you can look off of google just to find a picture of a name, flower, pet, electronic, etc. you can find a whole bunch of pictures. you can trace off of your screen or draw just by looking at it.

How can technology influence cultural environments?

A couple examples are texting and wireless Internet access. Some younger people have never received a letter in the mail; much of their communication is through texting. Many people read a lot, but have rarely opened a paper book -- they access digital books through a wireless Internet connection. T (MORE)

What are some ways Romans influenced the world today?

The main legacies of the Romans are religion, the alphabet,language, the calendar, law, architecture and literature. Christianity developed from a religion among a small group of Jews(who lived in Judea, which was part of the Roman Empire) into amass religion in the Roman days. It spread around the (MORE)