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you use a telephone punching in the numbers and press the green button with the phone on it and talk to whoever you are talking to.
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How was the telephone used?

The first telephone was made with the knowledge that sound gave off waves due to vibrations, like the ripples in water. These sound waves were copied over onto carbon grains,

How are telephones useful?

With the development of the virtual PBX system, we are able to have a more unified and sophisticated communication. This system is the result of the integration of the interne

Why is telephone useful?

The telephone is useful because it saves you going to that Pearson The telephone was invented so you can talk to someone on the side of the world for as like as like!!   

Who used the telephone and why?

Any individual who who knows how to operate telephone are allowed to use it. Most businesses, offices and homes have it too. Telephone is mainly use to get connected to people

What is the use of the telephone?

Telephone is a device used to contact people in far distances. With the functions and features of modern phone system such as IP PBX , we are able to enjoy VoIP service, call

How is telephone useful?

Have you ever wanted to talk to someone that wasn't where you were at the time? That is what the telephone is useful for.

What was useful about telephones?

What was so useful about telephones was that now people didn't have to go to their contacts or wait a couple days for them to respond to there mail. Instead they just had to c

Uses of telephone?

use in communicating it depends if it is a cell or home phone...cell donate it to a charity to help the less fortunate have theaccess to call 911 in emergencies you call someb

What is a telephone and its uses?

A telephone is a device that transmits a person's voice through wires (or through fiber optic cables) over long distances, enabling that person to speak to another person who