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How are the universe galaxies and stars all related?

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They all have same nature laws and particles and were all formed as a consequence of the Big Bang some 14.5 billion years ago. .
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How are stars and galaxies related?

Stars and Galaxies are related because a galaxy is a system of billions of stars, gases, and dust.

How are planets stars galaxies solar systems and the universe relate to each other or in other words to distinguish the hierarchical relationships between the heavenly bodies?

Well to put it in simple terms, The Hierarchy of the universe would go in this order. The Universe being the biggest and containing everything would be at the top, next wo

How many stars and galaxies are there in the universe?

The answer has to be estimated; for many reasons no one can ever know the exact numbers, whatever that might mean in this context. Estimates of the number of galaxies in the u

How are star solar system and galaxy related?

A galaxy is made up of all sorts of matter, including stars. Many stars have object orbiting them, such as planets, asteroids, and even other stars. Solar systems orbit the

Do all-stars in the universe shine?

No. Not a stellar expert here, but stars come in all sizes and colors. Red giants, main sequences, blue normals, white dwarves, super novas, and others. White dwarves are smal

What holds all the stars in a galaxy together?

That is still a mystery. Obviously, they are held together by gravitation. Each star attracts each other star, and you might say that the combined force of these attractions k

Why does gravity keep all the stars together in a galaxy?

This question has been perplexing astronomers for years. When we look at the solar system objects that are further away from the sun orbit at a slower speed. When we examine

Why can scientist only estimate the number of stars in a galaxy and the number of galaxies in the universe?

Mainly due to the huge number of them and the large distances involved. Our galaxy, the milky way, is estimated to have around 200 billion stars, but this is only a guess. The