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Chihuahua breeders often use terms like miniature, teacup, tiny toy, apple headed, or deer headed, to describe puppies. These terms are not recognized by the breed standards and may be misleading.

Both British and American breed standards state that a Chihuahua must not weigh more than six pounds. However, the British standard also states that a weight of two to four pounds is preferred and that if two dogs are equally good in type, the smaller is preferred. "Teacup" is the term is usually used to define a chihuahua which weighs less than the breed standard.

The smallest Chihuahuas have more in the way of health problems, than their slightly larger cousins. Being the smallest dog in the world comes with its fair share of health problems including regulating their blood sugar (hypoglycemia), dehydration, and respiratory problems. They will need extra care and special attention especially as puppies and should always be checked out by a licensed veterinarian for thyroid and liver problems.

If you are looking for a teacup chihuahua don't always listen the breeder or the seller. Many times Chihuahua sellers will claim to have puppies for sale. The fact is, no one can tell whether a puppy less than 10 weeks old will be a teacup size or not. Checking to see if the puppies parents are teacup wont work either. It is nearly impossible to determine if a chihuahua is going to be a teacup based on the size of their parents.
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