How big is 6mmx5mmx3mm oval?

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6mmx5mmx3mm can not be an oval.
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Why is the oval office oval?

It's oval because that way the president can hear everything. There are two points in an oval (or ellipse) called the focuspoint. In a room such as the oval office, when stand

How big is the oval office?

The Oval Office in the White House is in an oval shape. Its longaxis is 35 feet and 10 inches. The short axis is 29 feet. Theceiling is 18 feet 6 inches high.

What is ovalate?

Ovum means an egg in Latin - the plural is ova - thus, ovulation is the process of producing and egg or eggs. The female human does it.

What pill is blue and oval has a big G on one side and has P3 on the other side?

Caution! Never Assume anything before confirming it from other health professionals in person. I think you might call our pharmacy yesterday night. (Important. It sh
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What is the best hairstyle for men with oval big face shape?

It depends on your age. If you are a teenager, try a bit of flippy hair; not like Justin Bieber's hair, but with more length and have it be more "flippy". Do not buzz cut you

What makes an oval an oval?

its elliptical shape It has no corners, but not all of the points on its surface are the same distance from any one central point, so it's not circular or spherical.