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How big is 9000 square miles?

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9,000 square miles is about 95 x 95 miles. It is also equivalent to 5,760,000 acres or about 23,310 square kilometers. It's a little bit bigger than the state of New Jersey, but not quite as big as New Hampshire. It's about the same size as Belize (in Central America) or Djibouti (in eastern Africa).
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How big is edinburgh in square miles?

 Edinburgh's area is 100 square miles. 

How big is 322 square miles?

322 square miles is 206,080 acres.

How big is Manhattan in square miles?

The total area of Manhattan is 33.77 square miles (87.5 square  kilometers), of which 22.96 square miles (59.5 square kilometers)  is land, and 10.81 square miles (28 square

How big is Asia in square miles?

The continent of Asia is 17.21 million sq miles (44.58 million km²).

How big is Uganda in square miles?

Uganda (Republic of Uganda) - 91,136 square miles.

How big is Vancouver in square miles?

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - 44.3 square miles.