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In Idaho
8,502 sq mi (22,021 km²)
It is larger than the states of Rhode Island, Connecticut and Delaware. It is 125 square miles shy of being as large as all three states combined.
It is nearly as large as New Jersey, New Hampshire and Vermont.
It also has 15,000 residents. The "big city" in Idaho County is Grangeville, which has 3100 residents.
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Where is Idaho?

Idaho is in the Northwestern United States. It is bordered byCanada on the north. Montana and Wyoming on the east. Nevada andUtah on the south, and Oregon and Washington on the west.

What are the major counties and cities in Idaho?

There are 6 counties with populations over 50,000 (2008 est.) and they are: . Ada - Boise - Pop. 380,920 . Canyon - Caldwell - Pop. 183,939 . Kootenai - Coeur d' Alene - Pop. 137,475 . Bonneville - Idaho Falls - Pop. 99,135 . Bannock - Pocatello - Pop. 80,812 . Twin Falls - Twin Falls - Pop. (MORE)

What are the names of counties in Idaho?

Ada, Adams . Bannock, Bear Lake, Benewah, Bingham, Blaine, Bonner, Booneville, Boundary . Camas, Canyon, Caribou, Cassia, Clark, Clearwater, Custer . Elmore . Franklin, Freemont . Gem, Gooding . Idaho . Jefferson, Jerome . Kootenai . Latah, Lemhi, Lewis, Lincoln . Madison, Minidokka . Nez (MORE)

What is a list of counties in Idaho?

Ada, County . Adams, County . Bannock, County . Bear Lake, County . Benewah, County . Bingham, County . Blaine, County . Boise, County . Bonner, County . Bonneville, County . Boundary, County . Butte, County . Camas, County . Canyon, County . Caribou, County . Cassia, County . Clar (MORE)

Is Caldwell Idaho a big city?

The City feels smaller than it really is. The official population is just shy of 50,000. The metro area is 600,000 people.

How big is the state of Idaho?

Idaho's total area is 83,569 squaremiles. It includes 82,643 square miles of land. Based on totalarea, Idaho ranks #14 among the 50 U.S. states. The U.S. CensusBureau reported that the estimated population in Idaho was1,683,140 as of July 1, 2016. Based on population, Idaho is the39th largest U.S. s (MORE)

What are the three largest counties in Idaho?

Area: . Idaho County - 8,485 sq mi . Owyhee County - 7,678 sq mi . Custer County - 4,926 sq mi . Population: . Ada County - 300,904 . Canyon County - 131,441 . Kootenai County - 108,685

How do you get to Idaho?

Boise is one of the most remote cities in the US so it is not easy to get to and it is a city that really has no other city even relatively close/ Trey

What is the economics of Lemhi county Idaho?

lots and lots of things could be "called" economics in that area but only one thing in lemhi county Idaho should be considered "economics" and that is called... POOPING!!!!.... lemhi county folk love to go out in their back yard and take a nice big dump all over their lawn and then sell it to the lo (MORE)

Who is the band Blue County Line from Idaho?

The band BLUE COUNTY LINE is based out of North Idaho and can be found at It features Kim Lynch, Jr., Joel Abbott, Todd Stewart, F. Tell Gilchrist and Alberto Cosano. It was founded in early 2009 by Lynch, Abbott and Brian K. Taylor who has left the band at press time. So (MORE)

What are the 5 largest counties in Idaho?

By area, the largest counties in Idaho are Idaho County, Owyhee County, Custer County, Lemhi County, and Valley County. By population, the largest counties in Idaho are Ada County, Canyon County, Kootenai County, Bonneville County, and Bannock County.

What is te lragest county size of Idaho?

Idaho County = 8,485 square miles Owyhee County = 7,678 square miles Note: Compare these two counties to the states of: Conn. = 5,543 square miles Mass. = 10,554 square miles

What is the smallest countie in Idaho?

Clark County is Idaho's smallestcounty based on population with a population of 982 as of the 2010Census. Payette County is Idaho's smallest county based on areawith 408 square miles.