How big is a molecule?

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The size of a molecule depends on the size of the atom. The smallest a molecule can be is two atoms.
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How big is a starch molecule?

A starch molecules is technically any polymer of sugar. Thesepolysaccharides may be composed of as few as three sugar moleculesand can stretch into the thousands and millions

How big is the nucleus of oxygen molecule?

The question, as stated, doesn't make sense. An oxygen atom has a nucleus, but an oxygen molecule doesn't have a single nucleus; a typical, diatomic oxygen molecule will have

How big is a oxygen molecule?

The size of an oxygen molecule is estimated to be 292 picometers.The nitrogen molecule is just slightly larger at 300 picometers.

Is big bang molecules are of atoms?

Molecules did not exist at the time of the Big Bang and not even in the immediate time after. To make molecules one needs atoms but it took about 370.000 years after the Big B