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How big is a molecule?

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The size of a molecule depends on the size of the atom. The smallest a molecule can be is two atoms.
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What are molecules and what do they do?

Molecules are combinations of two or more atoms of different elements. Like atoms, they move around, or vibrate, depending on the phase of the substance. Like elements, molecu

Describe a molecule?

a molecule is made up of more than one atom, but they do not have to be different types of atoms. such as with H2 is a diatomic atom as apposed to water (H2O) which is a molec

Compared to other molecules is DNA big or small?

DNA is a molecule. This means that it is made from several atoms that link together. Well, it turns out that DNA is actually a really big molecule. Most molecules in creation

What is an molecule?

a molecule is a gas,solid, or liquid

What is a molecule and how does a molecule form?

A molecule is a combination of two or more atoms. It forms by covalent (electron sharing) bonds that form when the atoms come together in mixture. A molecule is the smallest p

Is neon a molecule?

  No. Neon is an element and its gas is composed of individual neon atoms.

How is a molecule?

A molecule is a group of atoms joined together by covalent bonds.   If it is a molecule of element , atoms of the same element combine  in a definite number . for example

What is molecule of methane?

A molecule of methane consists of one carbon atom covalently bonded to four hydrogen atoms around it in a symmetrical tetrahedral shape. Its chemical formula is therefore CH4.

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What is a molecule?

The smallest particle of a compound that has all the chemical properties of that compound. Molecules are made up of two or more atoms, either of the same element or of two or
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Is Be an atom or a molecule?

atom    Be is the abbreviation for beryllium, a light strong brittle grey  toxic bivalent metallic element having atomic number 4.

Why is a water molecule a polar molecule?

Different elements have different electro-negativities. Electro-negativity is the ability of an atom to withdraw 'electron density' towards itself, i.e. it makes electrons com

Why NaCl is not a molecule?

NaCl is mostly (almost fully) ionic hence it is not a molecule rather an ionic compound (since molecules must have covalent bonds)