How big is a school bus in feet?

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Length Up to 45 feet (13.7 m) Width Up to 102 inches (2,591 mm)
For a typical North American school bus (IC Bus CE-Series)

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How big is a school bus?

a school bus is about max weight 39,000 pounds. and can fit 80something pass. total

What is a school bus?

A school bus is a 4-wheeled vehicle containing approx. 20 seats (excluding drivers') that usually fit 3 children each, containing a total of about 60 children. There are 2 'st

How many feet should you stay behind a school bus?

While moving, the 2 second rule applies here; stopped, the 'you should be able to see the rear wheels' (of the bus) rule applies. Added: It varies. It depends on the gover

How old is octopus that is as big as a school bus?

Octopuses don't live a very long time. The most is up to 5 years, and that's only the pacific octopus. They don't grow to big as a school bus, let alone a car. But in some spe
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What is the bus brand of your school bus?

My School doesn't have a school bus or a walking one we get drove or we walk or ride I sometimes ride or walk I get to choose however our school does have a bus that we go on