How big is a ton of coal?

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1 Ton(2000lbs) coal is appox 40 cubic feet this varies by the character of the coal and the honesty of the weight
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How many BTU per ton of coal?

20 Million BTU. . The heat content of coal varies.. Bituminous coal typically has a gross heating value of 30,600,000 BTU per ton. The net heating value is 26,000,000 BTU pe

How big is a ton of ice?

If you make the ton of ice in a perfect cube, it would be 3 feet, 3 and one quarter inch long on each side. That's about 1.3 cubic yards.
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How many bags of 40kg coal in a ton?

A metric ton is 1000 kg (2204.621 lbs). This is nearly equal to a long ton (old English measure for coal) of 2240 lbs. The English (US) short ton measure is 2000 lbs. If a bag
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How big is a coal-fired station?

The size of a power station is usually given by its output, not the dimensions of the plant or property. The largest station in the world on this basis is the Kendal Power Sta
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How big is ton?

It Is About 2000 Pounds (: