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How big is the Milky Way Galaxy?

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The stellar disk of the Milky Way galaxy is approximately 100,000 light years in diameter and about 10,000 light years in thickness.
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What is the closest galaxy to the milky way galaxy?

It depends on where in Milky Way you measure from, but the closest to us is the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy. In fact, we are closer to it than we are to the center of the Milky W

If the sun were the size of a grapefruit how big would the milky way galaxy be?

  Well if the sun were the size of a grapefruit we would not have anything in this solar system to compare it to, so lets make the sun the size of a grain of sand (2mm), t

How big is the earth compared to the sun and the sun compared to the Milky Way Galaxy?

The Sun is about 332,946 times more massive than the Earth. It is about 1,300,000 times the volume of Earth. As for the Sun and the Milky Way - The Milky way is composed o

Is the consellation Big Dog in the Milky Way Galaxy?

The constellation is basically a direction in the sky , so it includes parts of our galaxies, but you can also see other galaxies in the same direction (in the same constella

Why is the milky way galaxy a spiral galaxy?

It looks like a spiral. Edit: Why does it look like a spiral? Here's one complication : The Milky Way Galaxy must have rotated over 50 times so far, at our distance from

Are there galaxies in the Milky Way galaxy?

No, the Milky Way does not contain "other" galaxies. The Milky Way is a galaxy unto itself. It has two small, irregular "sattelite" galaxies associated with it called the Larg