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The Roman Colosseum is still considered a masterpiece even by modern designers. The enormous stadium was 679 feet long, 512 feet wide, and 160 feet tall at its highest point. It had four seating levels and 80 entrances, and its seating capacity may have been as many as 80,000 spectators.
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How many people died in the roman colloseum?

The exact number of people who died in the Roman Colosseum is not  known. However, it is suggested that close to 500,000 people were  killed and over one million wild animal

When was the roman colloseum made?

The Colosseum which could hold an estimated 80,000 patrons, was  completed in 70 AD. The emperors Vespasian and Titus are given  credit for its construction. It remains the

Where is the colloseum?

The Colloseum is located in Europe, Italy, it was a theater where gladiators fought and people watched. It was built sometime during A.D. but with the earthquakes and fires it

What should i make a roman colloseum out of?

use off color clay or grey colored clay. I have to make one of these things, and that is the easiest thing to use, plus, u can add a see-through bottom and put animals there a

When was the Roman colloseum built?

\nThe Colloseum in Rome was built in the Lake of Nero, began in 72 A.D. and finished in 80 A.D. Hadrian destroyed the entrance to Nero's Palace after the fire and moved the st

Why did the roman colloseum fall down?

Due to the rise of Christianity in Rome and the adoption of the  beliefs associated with it, Public Fights and Executions were no  longer needed or approved of. This made th

How did they build the roman colloseum?

The Colosseum was built with concrete and stone. Concrete made it possible to build it in just 7-8 years. The great load bearing capacity of the arch and the vaulted arch also

What color is the roman colloseum?

The colour of the  outside of the Colosseum is a mostly a whitish with a yellow hue  with some areas which are brownish. The latter is a discoloration  of travertine, the s

What is an roman colloseum?

There is only one Colosseum and it is in the city of Rome. It is an amphitheatre, an arena for gladiatorial games. It was the largest amphitheatre in the whole Roman Empire. I