How can a 240V single-phase split ac work in the US which has a 120V 2-phase system?

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"2-phase" to describe US residential service is depricated nomenclature. US residential service is single phase because the two hot supply phases have 0 degrees of separation between their phases: therefore they are in phase.

The two phases are pulled from 2 out of 3 corners on a 240v (line-to-line) 3-phase delta-primary transformer, usually out in the street. (Sometimes at your house if it's a big one). Basically all power is generated and transmitted as 3-phase. Usually around 415V 3-phase comes into the primary of the 3-phase transformer. (It could be delta- or wye-connected.) The secondary windings for all three phases will each have a center-tapped connection, and that's grounded at the panel. This is the neutral wire. All circuits in houses return via the "common" or "neutral" wire to this point, which happens to be grounded at the panel. Note: no neutral wires should be grounded anywhere else. The two "corners" are 240v relative to each other, and 120v each to the center tap. Each 240V circuit really is two hot wires plus a neutral, which is why it's often wrongly called two-phase when in fact it's just single-phase. For each 120V circuit in the house you're going to use one hot wire and one neutral wire. The neutral wire provides a return path for currents back to the generating station. In some installations, such as apartment blocks, the third leg of power would be at 208V with respect to the center tap.

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Just what does "220v single-phase split ac in the US which has a 110v 2-phase system" mean?

The vast majority of electricity in the US is delivered as single phase or three phase. The only areas in the US that use 2-phase [for industrial and commercial purposes] are Philadelphia/South Jersey [where it is being phased out-no joke intended] and somewhere out west...

It was one of the early poly-phase options pursued because of the natural magnetic differential between phases [makes motors spin without a capacitor]

Most residences receive 220-240 volt single phase electricity with a grounded center-tapped neutral, the purpose being to limit voltage to ground to less than 150 volts from either "hot".
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Why does the US run at 120V when some of the world runs at 240V?

Technology, current at the time of US electrification, locked theUS into 110, then 120 volt outlets . Europe'selectrification came later, and proceeded in response to advancedtechnology. The US was too deep into the 110/120 voltinfrastructure to upgrade. The US has remained in this situationever si (MORE)

If someone bought an electrical appliance in the US would it work in the UK given US appliances use 120V and UK use 240V?

I was a US Government employee. Me and my family were sent toEngland where we resided for 7 years. We shipped all our householdgoods with us including all our US electrical appliances. Oncethere, we purchased transformers which come in various wattageratings. The transformer actually converts the 22 (MORE)

Why does a 120V-240V dual voltage single phase table saw motor produce 4 times more torque at 240V than at 120V?

Answer . I believe it has to do with the windings in the motor. When wired to 120V, half the motor has a positive polarity and the other half has a negative polarity. Then as the current alternates (60 hertz AC) the polarity flips, the magnetic poles oppose each other and cause the motor to spin. (MORE)

Can an American 240V dual phase dryer be converted to work in Korea with 240V single phase power?

you could possibly design a fix for it but it would be a lot of trouble. the American dryer has internal components that run off 110v and that 110v is available from the three wire 220v circuit in the typical usa residence. this is because of the third wire, the neutral. the Korean 220 would be 2 wi (MORE)

In the event of a city power cut can you use a single-phase 240V generator to connect across the two 120V phases supplying the house and would you still get 120V to neutral on each side?

Answer Yes you can BUT because you asked this question you should have a pro show you how to do it. Just to give you a worst case example, transformers work in both directions so if you feed the "city" with 220v your neighbors will enjoy your power until your generator burns up. Maybe 2-3 seconds! (MORE)

How do you convert a 120V receptacle to a 240V receptacle for an air conditioner that uses 240V?

Answer . \nA "110" volt outlet cannot be converted to a "230" volt outlet. A 230 volt outlet requires a new wire run to the outlet rated for the appliance you plan on plugging into it. Example an airconditioner that requires a 220 volt 20 amp circuit would have to have a 12/3 w/ground wire run t (MORE)

If you work in an industrial setting how do you make a 120V single phase line into a 240V single phase line?

Get an electrician . \nIf you work in an industrial setting and DON'T know how to do this, you should keep your hands off it. \nYou are not a suitably qualified individual. \n . \n National Electrical Code definition, NFPA 70 2005 Article 100 I: Qualified Person. "One who has skills and knowled (MORE)

Can you use 120V appliances on a 240V outlet?

Not advised . Some appliances may work, but I imagine most would either blow a fuse or just burn out. Definately not advised unless you use a transformer. With the right transformer everything should work fine.

Will an HDTV made for 120V 60hz work in 240V 50hz if you use a voltage converter?

Answer Yes - but picture quality will be affected. Try also buyinga frequency convertor - maybe there is one on the market that doesboth. Check the TV Most modern TVs use a switching power supply asit is lighter and cheaper than a transformer. Switchers don't careabout frequency (at all) as they imm (MORE)

Can you split a 240V wire to wire a 120V outlet?

Answer . Yes you can, BUT IT IS DANGEROUS!!! You can use one side of the breaker to wire an outlet but if the outlet or the appliance you plug into the outlet shorts out, the breaker may not trip. Only half of the breaker will try to trip and the other half will not know to do the same therefore (MORE)

Can a 240V thermostat be operated using 120V to the themostat and them wired to a 120V heating element?

Answer . a 240 volt thermostat (or any 240 volt switch) is generally a 2-pole switch which means it breaks both wires going to the load. You can use it for 120 volt loads by using one of the two poles for the "hotleg" wire and just splice through the neutral wire. this is a 2-pole switch (the (MORE)

Can you use a 120v switch for a 240v application?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries using similar 60Hz household electricity supplies . This is not possible because a 120v switch disconnects one conductor while a 240v application requires that both hot conductors be disconnected simultaneously.. The proper solution is to use a double pole 24 (MORE)

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How do you use 120V equipment on 240V?

The short answer is: you can't.. The long answer is: just like using a flashlight bulb that has a voltage that is half the voltage of the battery, it will not work. It will take too much current, causing it to burn out and be useless.

Will a DVD made for 120V 60Hz work in 240V 50Hz if you use a voltage converter?

Maybe.... most modern equipment will operate on 90V - 260V so it's worth checking before buying a voltage converter for it.. If the DVD player is 120V, that suggests that it is North American and will play NTSC standard discs. Using it on a 240V region means it is likely that it will be in a PAL z (MORE)

Can 120V cloth iron be used in 240V?

The answer is No for an iron that was sold only for use in US, Canada or other countries using similar household AC power supplies.. Unless the iron has a switch on it, to allow it to be used safely in countries which use 220-240 volts as the standard household supply, a 120 Volt iron must only b (MORE)

Can you use 240v appliances on a 120v outlet?

There are 110 volts going to recepticles along the walls ect. These are for lamps, vaccuum cleaners, most things besides stoves, dryers, heating and cooling(most). But the only way to use your 110 volt outlet for a 220 is to combine 2 110 volt legs to make it 220 volt. Then you neeed to make sure yo (MORE)

Can you operating 240v 60hz single phase electric kiln on 240v 50hz single phase power supply system?

If the kiln is strictly a resistance heating element, with no motor, then yes, it should work fine.. Warning : the opposite, that is running a 240V 50hz (European) appliance from US 240V 60hz mains is very dangerous and should not be attempted.. IF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY SURE YOU CAN DO THIS JOB (MORE)

How can you convert 240v to 120v for ac?

Use a step down transformer 240 primary to 120 secondary. You must know what the connected load (amps) is so that you don't overload the transformer. Small transformers are rated in VA.

Can 120v bulb work in a 240v socket?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz power supply service. . Assuming this inquiry is a request for information rather than related to any practical application, here is the answer:. It won't work for long. If it was a low-power bulb it would probably just go "pop" and be useles (MORE)

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How do you get a split phase 120v 240v power supply from a single phase 240v supply for an American RV with a 50 amp service?

This is a common misconception. A standard 240 utility feed, common in the US, and a 120/240 feed are one in the same, the exact same thing. It is called (historically) an Edison connection. . If you have a 240 volt single-phase supply, with two hot conductors, a neutral, and a ground wire, then yo (MORE)

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How do you convert 240V single phase to 240V two phase?

You cannot. There is only single phase and three phase. Both come from the power company in wire distribution configurations. I believe in the Eastern united states there are still some two phase systems. If memory serves these systems have voltages that are 90 degrees apart. Sometimes three wires (MORE)

What is an AC single phase 2 wire system?

two wires coming off the secondary of the transformer ex. residential voltage of 120 volts each line, and one neutral wire, L1 to neutral is 120 volts, L2 to neutral is 120 volts, L1 to L2 is 240 volts. Answer A single-phase, two-wire, system comprises a line conductor and a neutral conductor. (MORE)

How can you get a 240V 3-phase from 240V single-phase?

used only the two line of a 3-phase system. ex. used line 1 and line 2 only, or line 2 and line 3 or line 3 and line 1 to have a 240v single phase. The above answer has the question backwards. No, you can not obtain three phase supply from a single phase supply with out spending a bit of money. (MORE)

How can a 240V single phase split ac work in the US which has a 120V 2 phase system?

The US does not use a two-phase system. In fact, two-phase systems are very rare, these days. A two-phase system is where the phase voltages are displaced by 90 degrees, whereas the system used in the US is a split-phase system in which one secondary phase winding of a distribution transformer is (MORE)

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How do you get 120v from a three phase system?

Three phase in the USA have two common voltages; either 277/480 or 120/208. if the panel the power is to be taken from is rated at 120/208 then a single pole breaker in the panel will supply 120 volts from any of the phases where as the circuit is complete through the neutral. although not commo (MORE)

Which wire used single phase 240v 6.5kw load?

I = W/E. Amps = Watts/Volts = 6500/240 = 27 amps. A #10 copper conductor with an insulation factor of 90 degrees C is rated at 30 amps. If the load is continuous the conductor can only be loaded to 80% of its capacity. 30 x 80% = 24 amps which is too low for your load. Move to the next size wire whi (MORE)

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Can a 120v light bulb work in a 240v lamp?

If you mean that the lamp is rated for 240 volts then yes, a 120 volt bulb will operate in it if the lamp bases fit. If the 240 volt lamp is operating on 240 volts then no, a 120 volt lamp will not work in the fixture.

Can you use a 120v appliance with a 240v supply?

It depends on what the appliance is. Some smaller appliances have a dual voltage switch which allows you to adjust the appliance to the supply voltage. Look on the manufacture's nameplate label to see what they recommend as a working voltage. There it will also tell you whether the appliance can be (MORE)

How can use 240v two phase for lighting?

Technically two-phase has not been used for about 100 years, but a240 v supply comes from a 240-v single-phase transformer. One ofthose with a centre-tap is often used to provide two 120 v suppliesas well as a 240 v supply, and that's a split-phase supply. Although 240 v bulbs are universal in some (MORE)