How can a high-risk pregnancy be prevented?

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A pre-pregnancy visit with a healthcare provider is especially important for a woman who has a medical problem. The doctor will discuss how women with this condition usually fare during pregnancy. For some diseases.
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How can you prevent pregnancy?

Abstinence - 100% effective, and completely counter to biology. It is important to recognize, however that this is the only 100% guaranteed method. . Barrier protection (Co

How do you prevent pregnancy?

Take birth control (pills, patch, ring, shot, etc), wear condoms, or practice abstinence. Avoid sex when you are ovulating. Pregnancy solved Abstinence is the only way t

How can pregnancy be prevented?

Chances of Not Getting Pregnant . Pregnancy can be prevented by using a birth control such as a pill, depot shot, patch, or condom. But I will say the safest way to prevent

Is there anything to prevent pregnancy?

Yes, there are multiple forms of birth control, condoms. Though both these methods are not 100% guarantied. Also don't believe people when they say it's ok on "safe days". No

Will douching prevent pregnancy?

No it s the opposite. It helps pushing the sperms further up. It's also something you should always avoid since you can mess up the natural flora of the vagina which makes it

Preventions for pregnancy?

Abstinence Condoms Birth control pills IUD Diaphragm

Can yaz prevent pregnancy?

Yes, Yaz is the brand name of a ethinyl estradiol-ethynodiol birth control pill. Yaz is a combination estrogen-progestin pill that prevents pregnancy by prohibiting ovulation.

How prevent pregnancy?

THe only 100% way to prevent pregnancy is by not having sex. If this is not possible, having your male partner use a condom while you use The Pill, a diaphragm or other blocki

How to prevent teenage pregnancy?

As soon as your child turns 15 u should put them on birth control if u dont want to do it to them that early do it when u think they want to have ***!

Medicine to prevent pregnancy?

To prevent pregnancy, stop it before you get pregnant, there are many methods. The birth control pill, condoms etc. Talk to your gynecologist what will suit you the best. If y

How can i prevent pregnancy in my wife?

Well, first you need to ask her if she wants to get pregnant or not. If she does then your screwed. Next, you should make sure she's on the pill. If she is then your okay. But

Does NuvaRing prevent pregnancy?

Yes, NuvaRing is a contraceptive meant to prevent pregnancy. It can also be used to decrease excessive bleeding or cramping with menstruation.