How can i get a glofish in ONTARIO?

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Know someone who got some before they were banned. Or you could smuggle them into Ontario.
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How big does a glofish get?

Maybe a little larger, but around the same size of when you first got it. Hope I was of help to you!

What is a glofish?

A glofish is just a zebra danio that scientists put stuff in there eggs that made them neon

How do you breed glofish?

GloFish are a patented product and breeding is restricted by law.GloFish are genetically engineered zebra danios. Breed them willnot produce GloFish that are true to color. Th

Why do GloFish die?

The usual reason is not being looked after properly. They are tropical fish and need a temperature of about 75F plus one fish needs to be kept in at least 2 gallons of water a

Why does glofish glow?

Where does the fluorescent color come from? The fluorescent color in our fish is produced by a fluorescent protein gene, which creates the beautiful fluorescence that can be

Can glofish vegetables?

Yes, I fed mine a bit a lettuce and they nibbled on it. Overall, they might, but only a little bit.
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How do glofish get pregnant?

Glofish, like most fish, cannot be pregnant. They do not carry their young internally, and thus pregnancy is impossible. Their young develop from externally fertilized eggs.