How can i help my illegal immigrant husband that i have an American son with?

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If you are married to him and he has a son that is also a United States citizen than he is very lucky. You need to contact immigration and let them know the circumstances so he can begin the process of citizenship.
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What happens if an illegal immigrant has an American child?

Any child born on U.S. soil is a natural citizen of the U.S. The mother/father does not attain citizenship merely because of the birth. If they were illegally in the U.S. at t

Can an illegal immigrant get married to an American citizen?

Answer . Yes, they can, but there are alot of legalities involved with "legalising" the person in question. It used to be a quick way to citizenship, but two of my friends

What does an American citizen have to do to marry an illegal immigrant?

Answer . This issue is a "Catch-22" in that there are not laws prohibiting a illegal foreign national from marrying a U.S. citizen. However, the person must have the requir

Are illegal immigrants harming American employment?

some might say not. it actually depends on where they are working and where they came from. in some areas they get payed a lot but the people who do not get payed that much mo

Is there help for Illegal immigrants?

yes there is stay in your own country. you only need to stay in your own country cause theres people around you that you know and you know where everyting is incase you get h

Are illegal immigrants helping Americans?

Illigal immigrants help to Americans in the same quality and level as they do not help Americans and even by their illegal activities dowing to zero all positive help that was
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How does an American marry an illegal immigrant with out a visa?

Normally it involves a trip to the local courthouse and applying for a marriage license. Careful, though. Some jurisdictions (Puerto Rico, for example) have a stated policy th
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How can help to get child support from an absentee parent who was an illegal immigrant at the time of his sons birth and later moved to Mexico?

Generally there is no method for enforcing a court order forsupport outside of U.S. jurisdiction. There are, in theory somecountries who have child support enforcement agencie