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How can people help the earth on Earth Day?

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People can help the earth on earth day by going outside, and picking up all the litter that is on the ground, or by conserving energy by turning off all the things that are not in use. However, another way is to recycle.
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What do people do to celebrate Earth Day?

Usually turn off unnecessary lighting for an hour, a pointless effort but it makes people feel better about themselves. they celebrate by decorating paper bags and bike to sch

How can you help on earth day?

  To help on earth day, you could   -clean up a park   -plant a tree   -don't eat meat   -recycle   Do all these things on other days besides earth day... l

How could you help earth day?

Recycle, clean up garbage from a public area, plant a tree, buy and use reuseable shopping bags, replace your light bulbs with energy-effiecient ones, turn off your computer w

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